Educational Art Opportunities Online

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Today’s art students have such a wealth of educational opportunities that just a few years ago were unthinkable.

Anyone who painted or studied art BC – Before Computers – knows what that means.

Trips to the library to borrow books, weekly outings to art class and mail order art books were the only ways to learn to about art or take advantage of art instruction.

The World Of Art Is At Your Fingertips

Today’s artist has the world of art at the stroke of his finger on a keyboard. The Internet puts him in touch with other artists in the form of discussion groups and forums. He can view the art of the great masters or contemporary artists on websites and take online classes.

He can view how-to art videos and purchase CD and DVD books, instructions and magazines that can be shipped to his home or downloaded to a computer. Tablets and e-readers can be loaded with this instructional material to have available for viewing at any time. The art world, converted to pixels on a palm-sized device, is an incredible convenience for art students and art lovers.

Join An Artist’s Group

Regardless of whether or not you attend a local art class, questions arise at the most inopportune times. Uncertainty and doubt may arise at six in the morning or during an all-night painting session. This is certainly not the time to call your instructor if you wish to continue being a student in his class.

There are discussion groups that focus on every type of artistic discipline. Do a search for forums that focus on your particular interest. You will find a group that shares advice, experiences and may even offer critiques of member’s efforts.

These discussion groups are a great way to interact with like-minded artists worldwide. Forums can give a camaraderie and sense of belonging to artists who may otherwise feel somewhat isolated. Contributing ideas, brainstorming, solving problems and sharing tips about art supplies and techniques adds to the student’s knowledge and can help to boost shaky self-esteem.

Take Part In A Class

Virtual classrooms are a growing part of the Internet. There are several types of instruction available, and the prices can range from very modest to quite expensive. They also vary in quality of videography, level of instruction and the instructor’s capability.

Live, virtual classes take place at set intervals and a paid class fee is mandatory to access the website. The student will see live instruction and perhaps have live chat access to the instructor. After the series of classes has ended, the student often has the ability to go back and review the videos as desired.

Buy A Downloadable Book, Magazine Or Video

Books, magazines and videos are now commonly available to download to computers, tablets and e-readers. This instant availability and portability puts an entire library of fun and learning at one’s fingertips.

Take your tablet on a plein air outing and review outdoor painting tips while communing with nature. Watch a video on a particularly tricky technique while enjoying a solo meal in a restaurant. Keep abreast of the latest happenings in the art world with the current art magazine while waiting for your appointment or for the kid’s soccer practice to end.

Websites To Amuse, Educate And Inspire

From the smallest obscure gallery to the greatest museums of the world, art is everywhere on the Internet. Take a virtual stroll through the Louvre in Paris or the Vorderasiatisches Museum in Berlin. Research a favorite artist, using online research catalogues. Many museums’ collection databases can be accessed to research artists and the artwork in the museum’s care.

Do you want to see how Monet’s brushstrokes appear in his water lilies series? Are you curious about the life and times of Andy Warhol? Jump on the Internet, do a search and find a wealth of information in minutes.

Your computer or internet device is a tremendous lifeline that will broaden your skill base, increase your knowledge and give you an opportunity to meet artists throughout the world. That monthly Internet provider fee is more than just a convenience. It’s a real necessity for today’s artist and can be a catalyst in moving you from student to professional and add an abundance of enjoyment and education to your artistic life.

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