DIY Chalk Paint For Crafts And Furniture

Crafters are always looking for the next great paint.

We were thrilled when acrylic paints came out and when the prices dropped, crafters began using it on everything. It’s versatility and low price make it a perfect choice for starving artists and crafters of every kind.

One of the newest additions to the crafter’s toolbox is chalk paint. This paint contains calcium carbonate and talc to give it a creamy, matte finish. Used for painting furniture, decorative pieces and recycling found pieces, this paint is a versatile product that’s widely used by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

However, this paint can be costly, and especially so if you’re a crafter who wants a wide variety of colors. Never fear; the good people at Dover have come up with an inexpensive solution to your paint predicament!

Chalk Paint Mix By Dover’s

Chalk Paint Mix By Dover’s ASIN: B00OWLO3LK

With Dover’s Chalk Paint Mix, you can turn any latex or acrylic paint into chalk paint in just minutes. Simply add the recommended amount of powder to your paint, stir well and voilà – your own custom chalk paint.

This 16-oz tub of chalk mix makes one gallon of chalk paint. You’ll save hundreds of dollars over the cost of premade chalk paint, and you have the entire spectrum of colors from which to choose.

You can make up a large batch or a small amount for details and finishing work. Any leftover paint will keep when stored in a sealed container.

This ultra-fine powder is formulated so you won’t need to sand between coats of paint, and there’s no need for a final sanding unless you want to give the finish a distressed appearance.

Finishing Your Chalk Paint Projects

When you’ve applied your final coat of paint and done any distressing you may want, it’s time to seal your project. Depending on how much use the item will receive, there are a couple of ways to finish your project.

Wax Finish

Traditionally, a wax finish is used on both chalk and milk paint finishes. Wax may be either a clear or tinted product, depending on what effect you wish to achieve.

A clear finish gives a glow to the surface and deepens the appearance of the paint.
Using a tinted wax allows any carving or imperfections to stand out and add a soft patina to the surface. This is a good way to give a project an antique look.

When you’re using a tinted wax, it’s a good idea to test the combination of your paint and the wax before committing yourself to it. The tinted wax will change the color of your paint, and you may need to rethink your base coat color before using the wax.

A wax finish may need to be occasionally reapplied, especially if the item is frequently used. You may consider using a combination of wax and polyurethane on pieces where part of the piece is used and the other is mainly unused.

Polyurethane Finish

For surfaces that will receive regular use, like tabletops, chairs and desktops, a polyurethane coating will give a waterproof, durable finish that will withstand everyday use year after year.

Polyurethane is available in several finishes, so you can choose a satin, matte or gloss finish that will complement the style of your project.

DIY chalk paint made with Dover’s Chalk Paint Mix is a great way for crafters to create inexpensively. You’ll be amazed at all the found objects you can upcycle – who knows; you may find a new hobby or business making distressed decorations and crafts with just a jar of powder and your imagination!

Order your Chalk Paint Mix HERE!

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