Decorating With Spray Paint

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Get your creative juices flowing with a few cans of spray paint.

Using spray paint to brighten up a room and home décor is an inexpensive way to revitalize a room and inspire an artist with bold statements of color.

If you are not motivated to begin your next masterpiece, a switch in medium and support may be a welcome change.

Look around your home for a likely candidate. Perhaps the kitchen is looking a little shabby, or an impending addition to the family may require a freshly decorated nursery. If the bathroom looks outdated or the dining room isn’t very appetizing, consider some inexpensive updates or accessories to bring your home up to your artistic standards.

Pick A Room For A Color Update

Once you have decided on a room that needs a little TLC, decide on whether to update the colors or refresh the existing ones. Paint wicker hampers or storage bins with an accent color. Wicker is easy to paint with spray enamel.

Create a chalkboard message center, using chalkboard spray paint. Add a simple, brightly colored wooden frame and hang it where the entire family can use it.

Paint a simple shelf with hooks for coats and bags that helps with clutter in the mudroom or entryway. Spray paint a matching bench for putting on boots.

Give the family room a new look with faux finishes on lamps, vases, bowls or serving trays. Make a custom matched set of items, or create an eclectic collection from flea market and garage sale finds.

Spending a weekend sprucing up your house will give you a real sense of accomplishment and give you some breathing space from the everyday routine.

Spray Paint For Every Occasion

Many manufacturers produce spray paints, much of which is permanent and durable for use on furniture, floors, walls and accessories. There is a rainbow of colors available, and each product line has a variety of colors and finishes.

There is matte finish, satin finish and high gloss finish available through most manufacturers. Decide which finish you want for your project. A high gloss will show dust, fingerprints and scratches more readily than matte or satin finish. Matte and satin finishes do not reflect the light, so colors will not show as vividly as they will when using high gloss spray paint.

There are specialty finishes and multi-part techniques for antique, stone, metallic and crackled finishes. These faux-finish paints are great to create a metal lamp from a wooden base or a stone urn from a pottery vase.

Hardware and home improvement stores generally have low prices on spray paints, but their selection may be somewhat limited. Art and craft stores will have more variety of unusual colors and specialty finishes, but the prices tend to be higher.

If you are painting large areas, consider using paints that are available at the DIY stores. Basic colors and finishes will keep the budget down, allowing a little extra for some specialty paints to add a few accessories that have the wow factor.

Spray Paint Manufacturers

Below are some of the more popular Spray Paint Manufacturers…

Krylon Spray Paint

Krylon is one of the major spray paint manufacturers with a wide variety of colors choices and an array of products for indoor and outdoor use. They also create specialty paints for plastics, metals and art finishing applications.

PlastiKote Spray Paint

Plastikote produces a small line of durable enamels for use on wood or metal. These lines include products for both indoor and outdoor applications. They have fluorescent and metallic colors that add punch to plain projects.

Seymour Spray Paint

Seymour claims to be the original spray paint manufacturer. They have a wide array of commercial spray paints as well as paints for home and indoor use. They also make epoxy appliance paint, which can be used to touch up or repaint appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers.

Many other spray paint manufacturers make specialty products and colors suitable for various home decorating and remodeling projects. Part of the fun of DIY projects is the hunt for the perfect product, and an afternoon spent browsing local stores or the Internet is sure to provide loads of potential products and inspirations.

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