DecoArt Americana Gloss Enamels

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Don’t let another bargan hunter snap up that unique, kitschy piece you found at the flea market.

No need to fret just because it’s not the right color or the finish is rather shabby.

Bring it back to life with DecoArt gloss enamel paint, which adheres to most everything and gives a safe, durable finish to your forgotten treasure.

DecoArt DASK269 Americana Gloss Enamels Primary

DecoArt’s DASK269 Americana Gloss Enamels Primary Sample Pack ASIN: B003ULND6O is a great starter set of six fundamental colors, including white, black, brown and the three primary colors. Since the colors are intermixable, these basics blend to build a beautiful selection of custom colors. They are generous, 2-ounce bottles that make this an affordable way to get a lot of high-impact color at a very reasonable price.

Application is simple, using standard acrylic brushes or sponges to create various effects. Paint enamel freehand with a brush, or apply the enamel with a sponge when using stencils. Paint should dry thoroughly before applying a second coat to avoid lifting.

Americana Gloss Enamels are so versatile. Use them on ceramics, such as terra cotta, bisque ware and glazed pottery. Glass is also great for gloss enamel, as well as metal ware. These items can also be fired in a home oven for added durability. Foam core, MDF, wallboard and Papier-mâché gleam when coated with this high gloss enamel.
Your design must cure before use if the item is not oven fired. Paint should dry for 48 hours, and it should cure for 21 days for maximum durability.

Water cleanup makes spills and mistakes easy while the paint is still wet. If the paint has dried, soaking in warm water will loosen the paint to aid in removal. However, if the piece has been oven fired, the paint is permanent.

The home craft world has exploded with so many new techniques and products, there’s just not enough time to try them all out. The Americana Gloss Enamel is a versatile paint that is perfect for so many types of crafts and decorations. Like acrylic, it works well on many surfaces. However, it can be fired for a permanent finish that makes it practical for everyday-use items like glassware. This is one product that deserves a place in your busy crafting life.

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