Create A Valentine’s Day Pillow Using Paint

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A hand-made Valentine’s Day card is a lovely gift, but what happens after the holiday?

These cards are usually relegated a keepsake box or drawer to be seen only when nostalgia rears its sentimental head.

This year, why not create a gift that can spend all year reminding your favorite Valentine just how much they mean to you?

And, since it’s your own handiwork, they’ll have an original piece of artwork from their favorite artist!

Transform A Pillow Into A Piece Of Art

You don’t need a canvas to create a painted gift this Valentine’s Day. You don’t even need to be a talented artist. Have fun painting or drawing a Valentine that’s sure to be a hit and one that your loved one will get to enjoy all year long.

Using a throw pillow cover, fabric paints and markers, you can make a Valentine’s Day gift that sure to be cherished and remembered. Whether you’re an artist, student or never painted a thing, you can create a beautiful gift that’s a unique and lasting remembrance for anyone.

Cotton Throw Pillow Covers

You don’t need to know how to sew to create your own one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day pillow. Leave the measuring and sewing to someone else and buy a pre-made pillow cover. You get all the creative fun of decorating without all the stitching.

Just make sure to purchase one that’s a natural fiber like cotton. Synthetic fabrics like polyester may not absorb the paint evenly or thoroughly, so it’s always best to stick with natural fabrics.

There are lots of sizes available, and you can choose from different closure types. Zippered and envelope closures are most common. The zippered style allows you to decorate both sides of the pillow, so keep that in mind when planning your design.

Fabric Paint

Fabric paint is specially formulated to use on textiles. You can use it on clothing and accessories like scarves, as the paint absorbs into the fibers and the cloth remains supple. If you use acrylic paint, it stays on the surface and dries hard and can crack and chip. That’s why textile paint works best for things like pillows that get squished and moved a lot.
Just be sure to put a piece of cardboard inside the pillow so the paint won’t bleed through to the back side of the pillow.

Fabric Markers

Fabric markers are great to creating lines, writing words and doing detail work. They’re also perfect for youngsters who may find paints too messy. Available in loads of colors and different nib widths, you can use them to complete the detail work of your painting, or use them to make the entire piece.

Soluble Marking Pen For Drawing Your Design

If you want to draw your composition on your pillow cover before you begin to paint, you can use water soluble fabric markers.

These pens leave a mark that can be removed with a damp sponge or cleaning cloth, so if there are residual marks after you’ve completed your masterpiece, it’s easy to wipe away unwanted lines.

Stencils Make Everyone An Artist

If you’re not much at drawing, that’s not a problem! There are literally thousands of stencils available and you can use them with your water soluble markers to create your design.

You can use lettering stencils to add names and a favorite saying to add to a composition. There are decorative motifs in all shapes and sizes and a huge variety of subjects like flowers, birds, butterflies, cartoon characters and holiday themes to complete your design.

Once you’ve got your drawing finished, it’s on to textile paint and markers to complete your creation.

Stencil Brushes

If you want to skip the drawing, you can go ahead and start paint right away. Secure your stencil in place with tape so it doesn’t shift while painting and use stencil brushes to paint directly over the stencils.

This is a quick way to get the basic color down on the fabric, and you can always go back later to add highlights or details free-hand.

Now, all you need are a few supplies and you’re ready to create a Valentine’s Day gift that’s sure to be a favorite for years.

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