Cotman Water Colour Field Set

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If you are a plein air artist or a traveler who wants to be prepared for any painting opportunity, this is the set for you.

This tiny field set is crammed with everything needed for watercolor sketching and weighs less than 11 ounces. Pack along a sketchpad, add water to the included water bottle and you are ready to go.

Forget the backpack, tote bag or other heavy equipment. It is just you and your artist’s muse, communing with Mother Nature.

Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Field Plus Set

The Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Field Plus Set by Winsor & Newton (ASIN: B001GWJ2XM) contains everything you need for a day of sketching, whether stuck in a hotel room, or atop a plateau after scaling a cliff. The small size and light weight makes your adventurous treks to a remote location trouble-free.

This tiny parcel contains 12 half pans of Cotman Watercolor and incorporates a unique cartridge system that accommodates either half or whole pans of paint. Slide out trays on both sides of the set provide room for mixing colors, and the two clip-on pots hold water, which is conveniently provided by the 60 ml water bottle that is thoughtfully provided. The water bottle and mixing pots clip to the portable palette for storage and use, making it a compact, self-contained unit. The set also includes a pocket watercolor brush, and the case has ingeniously included thumbholes to make the palette comfortable to hold.

This miniature studio is easy to carry, lightweight to hold while painting and comes with everything one needs for a quick sketch or a leisurely study in the field. The portability is superb. Since it weighs so little and takes up such a small amount of space, it allows an artist to carry his tools with him wherever he goes.

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