Calligraphy For Everyone

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Since most of us do pretty much all of our writing tasks on a keyboard, cursive writing is floundering as an everyday skill.

I can barely write legibly, and I can see it happening to many of my contemporaries as well.

If you’re a crafter, enjoy making journals, scrapbooks or do multi-media art, there are times you want to do some really nice lettering.

Learning calligraphy is a great way to practice those fine motor skills that have been deteriorating and develop writing that can actually be interpreted.

Modern Contemporary Calligraphy Beginner Kit

Modern Contemporary Calligraphy Beginner Kit ISBN-10: 0615944019

Calligraphy is a great skill that you can learn easily and practice almost anywhere. Whether you’re making out wedding invitations, Christmas cards or creating a hand-made sign or label, calligraphy is perfect to embellish lots of everyday items. If you’re an artist or craftsman, learning how to use a calligraphy pen can add to your artistic repertoire as graceful lines and letters can enhance your work.

This calligraphy set includes everything you need to learn how to create calligraphic lettering. It comes with an 18-page instruction booklet with illustrations that shows how to hold the pen at the correct angle and how to use both pressure and angle to vary the width of the line. There are eight calligraphy alphabet guides to master and practice sheets to get you started. The guides include both traditional and contemporary writing styles.

Rather than using chisel markers or ink cartridge fountain pens, this kit provides you with the classic tools used by calligraphers for years. It contains a classic dip pen with three nibs. The set also includes Sumi ink. The instructions also give you specific product selections and where replacement nibs and inks can be purchased.

Embellish Your Artwork And Crafts

Using the skills you learn with this simple calligraphy kit, you can add flowing, interpretive lines to pen and ink drawings that are similar to traditional Sumi-e techniques. Incorporated with watercolor or acrylics, you can use colored inks to enhance and add detail to your paintings.

Calligraphy is perfect for a journalist or scrapbooker. Using your newly found calligraphy skill, you no longer need to cut and paste professional letters and words to add to your pages; you’re the professional now!

Calligraphy is something you’ll regularly use, even if you’re not an artist. It’s inexpensive, fun and fairly easy with a little practice. Add it to your skill set and start enjoying beautiful and legible handwriting.

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