Book Making Crafts For Kids

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Kids love creating art. Kids love books. Why not put the two together? Get the kids together and help them get started creating books that reflect their thoughts, style and personal take on life.

Whether they’re just learning to use crayons and markers or are mastering the art of creative writing, there are lots of fun bookmaking activities for any age. Handmade books are a wonderful way for kids to express themselves and are great gifts for special grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Lulu Jr. Illustory Book Making Kit

This great kit not only gives you everything your child needs to create a 20-page book, but it also comes with a postage-paid envelope to send the book to the publisher. In return, your child will receive a hard-bound, professionally published copy of his or her creation.

There are template pages, illustration templates, a guide book for writing and illustrating and 10 colored markers.

Kid Made Modern Journal Craft Kit

This 250-page notebook is a perfect way to introduce your child to journaling. The kit comes with all sorts of goodies to get started creating custom pages of notes, stories and all sorts of artistic designs.

The kit includes colored markers and pens, paper rolls, glitter tape, sheets of decorative stickers and everything is easy to store in its own storage box.

Blank Comic Book

Is your child a budding comic book artist? This 130-page book is a perfect way for kids to start their own comic strips.

There’s a variety of page set-ups, so pages vary in size, number and shape of cells. The cover and pages are made from high-quality white paper that’s designed for drawing and the book is a convenient 7.5”x9.25”.

Write Your Own Storybook

This soft-cover has a matte finish cover and includes 30 pages. The top half has a rectangular template for illustration, and the bottom half is lined for writing. It’s a perfect way for kids to write and illustrate their own stories.

Just add some crayons, markers, pencils and pens, and let your child’s imagination soar! Great for long car rides, rainy afternoons or anytime you hear that dreaded “I’m bored – what can I do?” whine emanating from your precious darling.

Create Your Own 3 Bitty Books

This kit is so darn cute; you may want one for yourself! A set of three blank, 4”x5” tiny books each with 12 blank sheets (24 pages) makes a perfect project for any aspiring young author.

Included in the kit with the three hard-bound books are six mini markers, self-stick book plates for signing and dating each book and 100 color-in clip-art stickers.

As a bonus, you’ll also receive a book holder that your child can embellish for displaying his literary accomplishments. The kit also includes a helpful guide on how to get started with story starter ideas.

Spill The Ink: A Young Writer’s Handbook

If your child is interested in writing and storytelling but has trouble getting his or her thoughts down on paper, this how-to handbook is a perfect place to start.

Spill The Ink mixes inspirational anecdotes with practical advice on plot progression, personal voice and character development. It also instructs on ways to overcome writer’s block and how to make revisions.

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