Bob Ross Master Paint Set

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A happy sun smiling down on happy trees may sound schmaltzy to some and outdated to others, but Bob Ross brought painting to the people in a way that no one else has done.

Bob is gone, but his painting technique and the products he developed lives on for the many thousands who enjoy painting as a hobby of creativity and self-expression.

Martin F. Weber Bob Ross Master Paint Set

The Bob Ross Master Paint Set by Martin F. Weber ASIN: B000IK0EIA is almost everything you need to begin or resume a fun and fascinating hobby. The set comes with brushes, painter’s knife, paints and a one-hour DVD video instruction for landscape painting.

To this, you will need to purchase paint thinner or turpentine to clean brushes, canvas boards, a palette, an easel and a container on which you can put a wire grate for cleaning your brushes. You also need a DVD player to watch the included instructional video.

The only other thing to add to your home studio is a contented disposition and cheerful outlook. Even if you are short on one of those, by the time you are done viewing Bob’s video, you will have a good supply of high spirits and happy smiles to carry you through the rest of your day.

This beginner’s kit has all the basics from the Bob Ross line of artist’s products. There are many more brushes, knives, paints and mediums available through their website and local craft stores, but this will give the novice a good start at new hobby, without spending a fortune.

A nice thing about buying a set is it takes all the guesswork out of the equation. A beginner, browsing the shelves of a store or the offerings of an online dealer may be overwhelmed with the selections. A great kit like the Bob Ross Master Set reduces the choices down to opting for Standard or Express shipping.

They say that money can’t buy happiness, but investing in the Bob Ross Master Paint Set and painting along with Bob can almost guarantee a smile or two from even the most taciturn curmudgeon.

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