Artist’s Paint Station For Small Spaces

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Most of us don’t have the luxury of an artist’s studio for paint flinging.

Nothing romantic like a garret in a shabby-but-quaint burgeoning art district or a loft shared with talented, struggling fellow artists.

No, we’re often confined to the corner of a bedroom, a portion of the dining room or stuck in the basement.

Here’s a solution for keeping your paints and miscellaneous paraphernalia organized.

Not only do you have a place for your supplies, but you also have a sturdy, compact easel that takes up very little room.

American Easel Deluxe Paint Station

American Easel Deluxe Paint Station ASIN: B0017DGQ0C

This is a pretty neat all-in-one solution to the problem of storing art supplies and having space for an easel. No, this won’t hold huge, oversized canvases, but you’re not likely to be trying one of those any time soon, are you?

This painting station stands 80″ tall and takes up a mere 20-1/2″x18″ of floor space, so it’s small enough to store in a corner when you’re not painting. It’s made of furniture grade fir and has non-skid rubber feet. The wood in untreated, so you can add a coat of oil, stain or paint to finish it. The unit comes unassembled, but it’s not difficult to put together. Major components are pre-assembled, and the remainder of the table goes together with wing nuts, so no tools are required. The storage easel weighs about 33 pounds and is not readily portable.

The unit has a 31-1/2″x23-1/2″ work surface and a 15″x22″ lower shelf. The easel is mounted to the work surface and can be easily removed to expose the entire tabletop. When the easel is in place, the work surface can be used, although your canvas will interfere with part of the table space.

Anti-Skid Feet

If you remove the easel, it can be used elsewhere. However, it lacks anti-skid feet, so you need to make sure it sits firmly in place. This is convenient for times that you want to sit at a desk or table or need to take a tabletop easel to a class. When attached to the workstation, the adjustable easel can hold canvases up to 32″. The mast rotates 360 degrees. A brush holder and small bucket are conveniently mounted to the sides of the frame.

Workstation Shelf

Beneath the workstation is a 15″x22″ shelf. This shelf can hold a small set of plastic drawers to hold all your supplies. There are side support braces that could be used to mount small kitchen holders or trays to provide storage space for other supplies. The unit includes a built-in paper towel holder, so you always have a cleaning rag instantly available.

This is a great solution for artists with little space. The price is reasonable, and the quality is good. It would make a perfect Christmas gift for any aspiring art student.

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