Art Supplies To Make Summer Fun

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With school winding down over the next few weeks, many parents are stressing over ways to keep kids occupied and engaged this summer.

Children are natural artists and love to create, so gear up for summer with art supplies that give your blossoming Picassos plenty of opportunities to spread their artistic wings!

Here are just a few supplies to keep your kids occupied…

Just add snacks and imagination for a summer of creative fun.

Kids Solid Poster Paint Colors

Paycolor Kids Solid Poster Paint 12 Colors by Jack Richeson ASIN: B005XM2B5C

This set of solid tempera paints is great when you don’t want to wind up with paint all over your room, your kids and their clothing. The solid sticks can be used on paper, cardboard, canvas or wood.

Since they are in a stick formulation, the paint dries very quickly and can be applied softly for a delicate coloration or with heavy pressure for a real poster paint look. Because the sticks don’t contain a lot of moisture, they don’t wrinkle thin paper. The paint remains flexible so it doesn’t crack and the colors are true and vibrant.

Crayola 50 Count Long Colored Pencils

Crayola 50 Count Long Colored Pencils ASIN: B00000J0S3

With a name like Crayola, you know you’re buying quality. These colored pencils are made with environmentally responsible reforested wood to aid in forest conservation.

The 50 colors are vibrant and intense, blend easily and include metallic gold and silver. They come pre-sharpened and are easy to reshape. The quality is superior and artists of every age will enjoy using this set of pencils.

Nose Pencil Sharpeners

Nose Pencil Sharpeners -1 dozen by Fun Express ASIN: B005UKHE5E

Grown-ups may be disgusted, but kids love gross stuff! Make sure your little artists have this totally awesome pencil sharpener to keep their colored pencils ready to use.

This 2-1/4″ plastic schnoz is a lifelike flesh tone and will have your children giggling every time they sharpen their pencil. Comes in a pack of 12 sharpeners, so all the kids in the neighborhood can have fun.

Pacon Easel Roll Drawing Paper

Pacon Easel Roll Drawing Paper 12″ x 200′ ASIN: B002LH7K4Y

Watch your child’s eyes light up when you bring out the big guns! This roll of 12-inch wide paper is 200 feet long, so you’ve got enough paper to keep even the most productive little artist drawing and painting all summer long.

This bright white drawing paper is thick enough to hold up to poster paints and water colors and will fit in standard paper dispensers for ease of use.

15 Count Watercolor Crayons

Faber and Castell 15 Count Watercolor Crayons ASIN: B001J2G3AY

This assortment of 15 watercolor crayons is great to use alone or blend with water for soft, aqueous paintings. The primary and secondary colors make up the array of hues that can be blended together before applying water or wet the paper before coloring for another interesting effect.

Great for the older child who’s taking a serious interest in learning about painting.

The set comes with a free paintbrush, so all you need to add is water and creativity.

Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush Tips

Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush Assorted Tips ASIN: B00AX31TZO

This set of three water brushes comes with small, medium and large tips to give your little artist a wide variety of brush widths. Filled with water, they work great with watercolor pencils or watercolor crayons to blend and mix colors without the mess and worry of wet paints.

The easy-squeeze barrel and valve setup controls the amount of water that is ejected and the plastic barrel is flattened to prevent rolling. The nylon brush tips are sturdy and hold their points and the snap-on lid prevents leaks during transport.

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