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Featured Artist’s Painting:

Beyond Death

Acrylic Cemetery

Description or Inspiration:

I have a strong passion for Cemeteries. The creepier the better. As a teen I would often spend hours in them, drawing, writing, coming up with scary ideas. (I read a lot of Stephen King).

This Painting represents the darker side of Death and where we go after Life. The end of the line…

Paints & Brands Used:

Michael’s Craft Smart Paints – I bought every color! :)

Detailed Painting Information –

Painting Name: Beyond Death
Dimensions: 24″ x 36″
Style: Dark & Demented
Support: Paper
Year Made: 1984
Price: Not for Sale

Contact Info –

Artist Name: Art Scott

Artist Bio:

My name is Art Scott. I’ve dabbled in the arts my whole life. My mom was the creative type and painted herself. So it’s pretty easy to guess I started out painting with Acrylics in my teens as well. At first I painted all sorts of things, and then found a love painting Gothic and Horror as seen in the image above.

My love grew more as I ventured into Silhouettes and Darkness. It really brought out my inner feelings, emotions and fascination. Over the years I have moved more into graphic design and now devote all of my time and energy into Photoshop. My second true love!

Additional Information:

Horror is my thing. I watch every Horror movie out there no matter how bad or how awful. I love scary books and anything that goes bump in the night.
Haunted Housing, here I come! :)

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