Art Schools in Wyoming

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Art careers offer creative people in Wyoming the opportunity to work within a field that they love.

While art careers require a certain amount of innate talent, they also require some training for people to be successful.

There are many schools in Wyoming that will provide people with the training they need, and following are some of the best.

Schools of Art

Below are some of the best Art Schools in Wyoming for Art Classes, Courses, Degrees and Certifications.

Master’s Touch Studio

Master’s Touch Studio, located in Gillette and accredited with the Better Business Bureau, offers several, incredible art classes for adults and children. If people would like to learn more about the studio and its programs, they can contact them at-307-660-4259 or write to them at the following address-Post Office Box 3921, Gillette, Wyoming, 82717. They can also request information online at-

Some of the extraordinary classes offered by the studio are as follows-Intense Shizen Japanese Plasters, Saturday AM Class (decorative finishing), Art n’ Soul, Symphony Number 3/Metallic Plaster Class, Skimstone Countertop Class, 1 Day Metallic Plaster Class, Wildfire Saturday Night Class (wildfire paints), Intense Italian Plasters with KSK Private Reserve Finishes, Symphony Number 3/A Silver Lining, and Adventures in Art (children).

National Museum of Wildlife Art

Located in Jackson Hole and accredited with the American Association on Museums, the National Museum of Wildlife Art offers several amazing art classes for children and teens, as well as, internships for adults. If people would like to learn additional information pertaining to the museum’s classes or internships, they can phone them at-307-733-5771, or they may choose to write to them at their mailing address-Post Office Box 6825, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 83001. They can also find the current class offerings online at-

Following are some of the exceptional classes offered by the museum-Animal Tracking, Native American Decoration and Design, The Art of Weather Watching, Exploring Color, Stories that Paintings Tell, Observing Mammals in Art, Wildlife in Winter, Focus on Habitat, Plains Tribes and the Bison, Early Explorers in the West, Fossil Workshop, Landforms of Wyoming, Museums and Mammals, Fun with Sculpture, Fun with Photography, Writing and Illustration, Winter History Expedition, Women Artists, Natural History Treasure Hunt, Studio Art Hour in the Museum, Styles of Art and Personal Preferences, Western History Treasure Hunt, Writing Workshop, Jackson Hole History/Just Passing Through, and Adult Internships.

Art Association of Jackson Hole

The Art Association of Jackson Hole, located in Jackson and approved by the Wyoming Arts Council, offers several remarkable art classes for both children and adults. Those people, who would like to find out about the current class offerings at the association, can contact them at-307-733-6379, or they can visit their website If they choose, they can also write to the association at the 240 block of South Glenwood Street, Post Office Box 1248 in Jackson, Wyoming, 83001.

While the classes that the association offers vary from time to time, some typical classes they offer include the following-Ceramics Open Studio, Intermediate Throwing and Atmospheric Technique-Soda/Raku and Horsehair, Private Lessons, Nuno Felted Scarves, Glass Open Studio, Glass Fusion/Projects, Silversmith Open Studio, Life Drawing Open Studio, Portrait Drawing Club, Birds/Painting and Drawing, Watercolor Focus/Intermediate Skills, A Solid Approach to Painting People, Big Bold Beautiful Flowers, The River’s Edge, The Art of Illustrated Travel Journaling/Workshop and Walkabout, Scratchboard and Watercolor/Combining Drawing with Painting, Arthouse Film Series, The Tetons in the Fall, Photoshop for the Artist and Photographer, The Photographer’s Eye, Night Photography, Making a Movie from Start to Finish, Darkroom Printing Refresher, Photogram Workshop, Printmaking Open Studio, Etching, Woodblock Workshop, Little Hands/Little Feet, Kindercreations, Kinderart, All About Handbuilding, and Ceramics/Hand and Wheel.

Colleges and Universities

Below are some of the most popular Colleges for aspiring Artists and Art Students.

Casper College

Casper College, located in Casper and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, offers fantastic programs in fine art, graphic design, photography, art education, music, theater and dance. Those people, who would like full details in regards to any of these programs, can request information by calling-307-268-2100 or by writing to the 125 block of College Drive in Casper, Wyoming, 82601. They can also read about the programs at the college’s

For students to earn an associate of fine arts degree in art education, they will need to complete a curriculum comprised of various general education and program-related courses. Following are the general education courses within the program-Science, Mathematics, English Composition I and II, Developmental Psychology or Lifespan/Adulthood and Aging, American and Wyoming Government, Cultural Environment, Physical Education, and one additional General Education elective.

The program-related courses included in the curriculum are as follows-Drawing I, Foundation/Two-Dimensional, Foundation/Three-Dimensional, Foundation/Color Theory, Art History I through III, Introduction to Art Education, Printmaking I/Relief, Printmaking II/Intaglio, Professional Practice in the Arts, Painting I, Sculpture I, Ceramics I, Foundations of Education, Educational Psychology, Public School Practicum, and Teaching With Technology.

Central Wyoming College

Central Wyoming College in Riverton has terrific programs in three-dimensional art, two-dimensional art, theater, photography, music, graphic design and culinary arts, which all hold accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission. Those people, who want to study within any of these areas, can contact the college by calling their main office at-307-855-2000 or by writing to them at the 2660 block of Peck Avenue in Riverton, Wyoming, 82501. They can also find helpful information online at-

Students, who want to earn an associate of arts degree in 2-D art, must complete the following liberal arts courses-Writing Level I and II, American and Wyoming Government, Diversity elective, Humanities elective, Life Science course, Mathematics, Oral Communication, Social Science, Wellness elective, Social Science, and one additional Liberal Arts elective.

They must also complete the following art-specific courses-Drawing I, Design/2D, Design/3D, Color Theory, Sculpture I, Professional Practice in the Arts, Photography I, Painting I, at least two additional 2D Art electives, and at least four additional Art-Related electives.

Northwest College Wyoming

Northwest College Wyoming, located in Powell and accredited with the Higher Learning Commission, has superb programs in art, digital imaging, graphic arts production, film production and graphic design. If people would like complete details on any of these programs, they can phone the school at-800-560-4692 or write to them at the 231 block of West 6th Street in Powell, Wyoming, 82435. They can also learn about the programs online

If students wish to pursue an associate of applied science degree in graphic design, they will need to take various basic education classes as follows-Government elective, English I, Business Communication, Mathematics, Humanities elective, Social Science course, and Wellness.

They will also need to take several program-specific classes as follows-Drawing I, Design/2D, Design/Color, Art History I or II, Computer Illustration, Typography, Graphic Design I and II, Foundations of Web Design, Introduction to Graphic Arts, Offset Production I, Imaging for Print Reproduction, Introduction to Macintosh, Electronic Publishing, and Art Capstone.

Sheridan College

Sheridan College in Sheridan has splendid programs in art, theater, music, culinary arts and web design, accredited with the Higher Learning Commission. Those individuals, who would like to start a career in any of these fields, can find out how to apply to Sheridan by calling the college at-307-674-6446 or by writing to their mailing address-3059 Coffeen Avenue, Sheridan, Wyoming, 82801. They can also find the application process online

For students to earn an associate of fine arts degree, they must take the following basic skills classes-English I, Health and Wellness, Basic Math or Math Reasoning, Advanced Writing, Science course, US and Wyoming Constitutions, Global Diversity, and one Humanities elective.

They must also take many different art-specific classes including the following-Drawing I, Foundation 2D, Art History Survey I and II, Foundation Color, Foundation 3D, Painting I/Oil, Foundation Digital Design, Ceramics I or II, Drawing II or Life Drawing I, Art Portfolio, and at least three of the following Studio electives-Photography I and II, Sculpture I, Drawing II, Life Drawing I and II, Printmaking, Painting II/Watercolor, Painting III, Ceramics II through IV, Graphic Design, and Computer Graphics.

University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming in Laramie offers excellent programs in studio art, graphic design, creative writing, music education, music performance, theater and dance, all accredited with the Higher Learning Commission. If people would like to study within any of these areas, they can find out about the enrollment procedures online at- They can also obtain information by calling the school at-307-766-1121 or by writing to the school at the following mailing address-1000 East University Avenue, Laramie, Wyoming, 82071.

For students to earn a bachelor of fine arts degree in studio art, they must complete an array of general education and art-specific course work. Following are the general education courses that they must complete-three Writing Intensive electives, Oral Communications elective, Quantitative Reasoning I and II, two Science courses and one lab, Humanities elective, Social and Behavioral Science course, Fine Arts elective, US and Wyoming Constitution, Physical Activity and Health, Information Literacy, and Diversity in the US.

The art-specific courses that they must take are as follows-Drawing I and II, Design I through III, Digital Media, Metal/Plaster, Art History Survey I and II, Applied Art History, Sculpture I, Painting I, Typography, Metalsmithing, Ceramics I or II, Printmaking, and at least four additional Upper-Division Art Studio electives.

Western Wyoming Community College

Located in Rock Springs and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Western Wyoming Community College has outstanding programs in visual arts, dance, music and theater. Prospective students can contact Western Wyoming at-307-382-1600, or they may choose to write to the campus at-2500 College Drive, Rock Springs, Wyoming, 82901. There is also essential information online at-

Those students, whom wish to pursue an associate of fine arts degree in visual arts/2D, will need to fulfill several basic education and art-related requirements to earn their degrees. The basic education requirements are as follows-English Composition I and II, two Health and Human Activity electives, Computer Information Systems, two Social Science courses, Lab Science, College Math, and US Government.

The art-related requirements that students will need to fulfill are the following classes-Design/2D, Drawing I and II, Painting I and II, Design/Color, Art History I and II, Photography I and II, at least two 2D electives, at two one 3D electives, Workshops/Studies and Special Projects, Life Drawing, Graphic Design I, Fine Arts Portfolio, and an Assessment.

What Every Art Student in Wyoming Should Know

Before people can begin training in an art school, there are many prerequisites that they may have to fulfill. Along with the standard applications and high-school transcripts, they may need to submit various other documents, as well. First of all, students who have a GED will need to submit their GED transcripts; and those students, who have acquired training in other institutions, will need to submit those transcripts, as well.

Other things that students may have to submit to the schools of their choice are letters of recommendation, essays and portfolios of their art work. They may also have to audition if they want to study within a performing arts program. Many schools also require such things as interviews, orientations, tours and placement exams before students can begin their programs of choice.

Typically, the school, that students may choose, will provide them with a list of the supplies that they will need for their classes, and they can purchase these supplies at the school’s bookstore if they so choose. While these supplies may vary among schools, common supplies that many programs require include drawing supplies, painting supplies, a digital camera, a laptop, cutting tools, a staple gun, measuring tools, masking tape, and glue sticks.

For students to earn their degrees in art, they will need to complete a curriculum of general education course work, as well as, program-related course work. They may also need to complete an apprenticeship or internship, an art capstone, a junior or senior thesis, and a junior or senior project.

Some programs require them to complete more than one of these requirements. When students know what to expect and they prepare themselves, they will soon realize the career of their dreams.

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