Art Schools in Washington

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Art schools in Washington are terrific places to broaden any student’s love for art, develop their existing skills and teach them new ones.

Those people in Washington, who have a passion for art, have many educational choices to choose among.

The following institutions are just some of the many fabulous schools in the state offering programs in art.

Schools of Art in Washington

Following are some of the best Art Schools in Washington that offer Programs, Courses and Degrees for Artists of all kinds.

The Art Institute of Seattle

The Art Institute of Seattle, accredited with the North West Commission on Colleges and Universities, offers many fantastic art programs including culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, graphic design, residential design, interior design, digital design, fashion design, photography and web design. If people want to learn the full details pertaining to any of these programs or the other programs that the institute offers, they can call the school at-206-448-6600, or they can chat with an operator online at- If they choose to write to the school, they should direct all mail to-2323 Elliot Avenue, Seattle, Washington, 98121.

People, who wish to attend the institute, will need to attend an interview with a school official to discuss the student’s strengths and weaknesses and where they would like their education to take them. They will also need to submit an essay of at least 150 words describing the same. They will also need to attend an orientation to become familiar with the school and its policies. Some programs require students to submit a portfolio of their best and most recent work, as well. Portfolios should contain 10 pieces of art work, with five being observational/life drawings and five being pages from the applicant’s personal sketchbook.

Those students, who wish to pursue an associate of applied arts degree in animation art and design, will need to take the following liberal arts courses to earn their degree-English Composition I and II, Critical Thinking and Reasoning, College Mathematics, two Humanities electives, Social Science, and Natural Science.

They will also need to take several art-specific courses as follows-Introduction to 2D Animation, Principles of 3D Modeling, Audio for Animation, Language for Animation and Film, Figure Construction, Advanced Life Drawing, Sequential Art and Storytelling, Digital Media Production I and II, Hard Surface and Organic Modeling, Digital Paint, Acting and Movement, Special Topics in Animation, Materials and Lighting, Three-Dimensional Animation, Accelerated Animation, Concept Art and Visual Development, Advanced 2D Animation, Cartooning and Character Design, Background Design and Layout, Writing for Animation, Advanced 3D Animation, Portfolio Foundations and Career Development, Character Modeling, Advanced Lighting Techniques, Animal Anatomy and Locomotion, Internship, Business Law and Intellectual Property, Two-Dimensional Design, Drawing and Perspective, Concepts in Computer Graphics, Analysis of Form, Figure Sculpture, and 3D Character Rigging.

Cornish College of the Arts

Located in Seattle and accredited with the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, the Cornish College of the Arts offers several exceptional art programs for people who want to begin art careers. Some of the programs offered by the college include art, dance, design, music and theater. If people would like to schedule a visit to the college, they can call their main office at-800-726-2787 or visit them online at- They can also write to the campus at-1000 Lenora Street, Seattle, Washington, 98121.

Students, who want to attend Cornish College of the Arts, must meet with an admission’s officer to discuss the student’s educational goals, and admissions requirements. They will also need to submit a portfolio of their most recent and best work. Portfolios should ideally contain at least 10 pieces of art, with half of them being observational pieces.

Students, who want to earn their bachelor’s degrees in art, must complete several general education classes including the following-two Humanities electives, two Social Science courses, Science, Mathematics, College Writing and two English courses.

Student will also need to complete the following art-oriented classes-two Core Studio Concepts courses, Digital Imaging Studio, Painting Studio, Sculpture Studio, Print Studio, Video Studio, Photography Studio, Drawing/Bare Bones, Studio I through VIA, Studio I through VIB, Visual Art History I and II, Drawing/Works on Paper, Drawing/The Dynamic Figure, Drawing elective, Modern Art History, Contemporary Art History, Professional Art Practices, BFA Seminar, three additional art-related elective, two additional Studio electives, and one free elective.

Northwest College of Art

The Northwest College of Art, located in Poulsbo and accredited with the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, offers several remarkable art programs including graphic design, photography, illustration, interactive design, motion design and entertainment art. Prospective students can find out about the admissions requirements by calling the main desk at-360-779-9993 or by visiting Northwest online at- They can also write to the college at-16464 Highway 305, Poulsbo, Washington, 98370.

Students, who choose to earn their bachelor of fine arts degree in visual communications with a double-major of graphic design and illustration, must fulfill a rigorous curriculum of both basic education and program-related courses. Following are the basic education courses included in the curriculum-College Life, Self Awareness, English Composition I, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Contemporary Literature, Communications, Public Speaking, Psychology, Creative Writing, English Composition II/Advanced Expository Writing, Anthropology, Quantitative Principles, Popular Culture, Philosophy, Ethics, and Environmental Issues.

The program-related courses include the following classes-Art Introduction, Drawing, Color and Form, 2D Design Theory and Application, Art History I through III, Analytical Figure Drawing, Media, 3D Design Theory and Application, Painting Techniques, Survey of Digital Photography, Survey of Digital Applications, Visual Storytelling, Visual Development, Imagery and Design/Digital Image Manipulation, Visual Communication/History and Issues, Graphic Design I and II, Advance Painting Techniques, Advanced 3D Design, Business Planning and Practices, Web Design, Typography I and II, Digital Painting, Business Entrpreneurship, Illustration I/Fundamentals, Portfolio I and II/Visual Communications, Design Production, Illustration II/Concept and Style, Senior Thesis I and II/Visual Communication, Advanced Design, Advanced Illustration, and Internship.

Colleges and Universities in Washington

Below are some of the most popular Schools and Universities in Washington that offer Classes, Courses, Degrees and Certifications for Artists.

Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University in Spokane offers fabulous programs in art, theater and music, accredited by the North West Commission for Colleges and Universities. People, who may want to attend Gonzaga, can phone them at-800-986-9585 or write to them at the following address-502 East Boone Avenue, Spokane Washington, 99258. They can also read all about the university and its admission requirements online at-

Students, who want to work towards their bachelor of arts degree in art, will need to complete all of the following basic, core courses-English Composition, Critical Thinking, Introduction to Speech Communication, Human Nature, Ethics, one additional Philosophy course, English I and II, Foreign Language and Culture, two History electives, two Social Science electives, Mathematics course, Science course with lab, additional Math or Science course, Social Justice, and three Religious Studies courses.

Students will also need to complete all of the following art-related courses-one Fine Arts elective, Drawing I and II, Design, Ceramics I, Painting I, Art Survey I and II, Beginning Printmaking I or II, Figure Drawing I, Special Topics in Art History, Art in the 19th Century, Art in the 20th Century, 300 or 400 Level Studio elective, and Senior Exhibit.

Seattle Pacific University

Seattle Pacific University, accredited with the North West Commission on Colleges and Universities, offers amazing programs in music, theater and studio arts. For people to schedule a visit with the school, they can call the general office at-206-281-2000, or they can write to them at-3307 3rd Avenue West, Seattle, Washington, 98119. They can also visit them online at-

Those students, who choose to major in studio arts, must complete several basic education classes as follows-University Seminar, Arts and Christian Community, The West and the World, Belief/Morality and Modern Mind, Christian Formation, Christian Scriptures I and II, Christian Theology, Fine Arts elective, two Humanities electives, Biological Science, Physical Science, Natural Science, and Mathematics.

They must also complete the following art-oriented classes-Drawing Studio I through III, 2D Design Studio, 3D Design Studio, Color Design Studio, Printmaking Studio, Painting Studio, Sculpture Studio, Introduction to Computer Art, Art History Western Tradition I/Ancient to Medieval, Art History Western Tradition II/Art Since the Renaissance, Issues in Contemporary Art, additional Art History elective, Senior Studio Project I through III, Figure Drawing, and at least five additional art-related electives.

Seattle University

Accredited with the North West Commission on Colleges and Universities, Seattle University offers extraordinary programs in art history, music, photography, studio art, theater, and visual art. For people to learn about any of these programs, they can visit Seattle University online at- They can also request program brochures by calling-206-296-2000 or by writing to-901 12th Avenue, Post Office Box 222000, Seattle, Washington, 98122.

Students, pursuing a bachelor of arts degree in art history, will need to take the following basic, core classes-College Writing/Inquiry and Argument, Introduction to Philosophy and Critical Thinking, Origins of Western Civilization, Introduction to Literature, Mathematics, Lab Science, Philosophy of the Human Person, Social Science I and II, Theology and Religious Studies/Phase II and III, Ethics, Studies in Modern Civilization or Survey of the United States, Modern Language, Art Interdisciplinary course, and Senior Synthesis.

They must also complete all of the following art-specific classes-Design and Color, Drawing I, Survey of Western Art I/Prehistoric through Medieval, Survey of Western Art II/Renaissance through Modern, Global Topics in Art History, Theory and Methods in Art History, Art History Seminar, and at least five additional art-related electives.

Washington State University

Washington State University, located in Pullman and accredited by the North West Commission on Colleges and Universities, offers superior programs in art, art history, apparel design and music. Those people, who would like to learn how to apply to the university, can contact them at-888-468-6978, or they may write to them at-Post Office Box 641067, Pullman, Washington, 99164. They can also visit the school’s website at-

Students, who choose to pursue a bachelor of arts degree in fine arts, will need to take the following basic education courses-Roots of Contemporary Issues, Quantitative Reasoning, Communication, Written Communication, Inquiry in the Social Sciences, Inquiry in the Humanities, Inquiry in the Creative and Professional Arts, Inquiry in the Natural Sciences, Diversity, and Integrative Capstone.

They will also need to take the following art-specific courses-Visual Concepts I and II, Drawing, Figure Drawing, Beginning Painting, Sculpture, World Art History I and II, World Art History through 1450, World Art History 1450 to Present, Modern Art 19th Century, Modern Art 20th Century, Ceramics or Intermediate Sculpture, and at least five additional art-specific electives.

Other Art Schools in the State of Washington

  • Whitman College-Walla Walla
  • Whitworth College-Spokane
  • Central Washington University-Ellensburg
  • University of Washington-Seattle
  • Western Washington University-Bellingham
  • Eastern Washington University-Cheney
  • University of Puget Sound-Tacoma
  • Pacific Lutheran University-Tacoma
  • Walla Walla College-College Place

Earn Your Art Degree in the State of Washington

The first step to beginning a career in art is to apply to an accredited college, university or art school. All institutions typically have their own admissions requirements and procedures, and the best thing for people to do, is to investigate the school they wish to attend. However, there are several basic requirements that are common to many schools. These requirements are as follows.

1. Application/Enrollment forms and Application fees
2. Educational Transcripts
3. Placement Tests for Key Subject Areas
4. Portfolios or Auditions (Depending on the Chosen Program and/or School)
5. Letters of Recommendation (Some Schools and/or Programs)
6. Work Experience (Sometimes Required for Culinary Arts Programs)
7. Orientation or Tour, and Interview
8. Essay or Statement of Purpose

The next step is to find out what supplies are necessary for the program that students may choose. While the necessary supplies vary depending upon the various schools and their programs, many art programs require basic art supplies as follows.

1. Drawing/Sketch Books and Writing/Drawing Utensils
2. Erasers and Sharpeners
3. Glue Sticks and Masking Tape
4. Staple Gun or Stapler
5. Scissors and Cutting Knife
6. Measuring Tools
7. Basic Paint Supplies
8. Digital Camera

After applying to the institution of choice, gathering the necessary supplies and completing the program, students must also complete either an Art Capstone, Junior/Senior Thesis, Junior/Senior Project, Apprenticeship and/or and internship to graduate.

Depending upon the professor and the students choice, the ways in which students can complete Art Capstones are through portfolios, research projects, presentations, art projects, essays, and exhibitions.

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