Art Schools in Utah

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Those people in Utah, who want to begin a new career that is fun and profitable, should consider training within the field of art.

There are many sectors of art that people can choose among including fine arts, performing arts, web design and animation, illustration, fashion design, and game development and design.

There are also many training schools for them to choose among, and following are some of the top art institutions in the state.

Schools of Art and Design in Utah

Below are some of the best Art Schools for Art Classes, Courses, Programs and Degrees in Utah.

The Art Institute at Salt Lake City

The Art Institute at Salt Lake City in Draper, accredited with the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, offers a wide array of astonishing art programs for aspiring artists. Some of the astounding programs that the institute offers include baking and pastry arts, culinary arts, graphic design, interior design, digital filmmaking and video production, digital photography, game art and design, media arts and animation, web design and interactive media, and web design and development. If people would like full details pertaining to any of these programs, they can read about them within the institute’s website at- They can also obtain information by calling-801-601-4700 or by writing to-121 West Election Road, Suite 100, Draper, Utah, 84020.

Students, who wish to gain admission into the institute, will need to attend an interview with an admissions officer to discuss their skills and educational goals. They must also write a 150 word essay describing how they think that the institute can help them attain their long-term goals. Before students begin their programs, they will need to attend an orientation, as well. While portfolios are not an admissions requirement, the school will accept them if applicants choose to submit them.

Those students, whom choose to pursue a bachelor of science degree in digital filmmaking and video production, will need to fulfill a rigorous curriculum of general education and program-specific course work. The general education courses that they will need to complete are the following classes-College Algebra, English Composition, Speech and Communication, Historical and Political Issues, Computer Literacy and any eight additional General Education courses.

The program-specific courses that they must take are as follows-Media Concept Development, Introduction to Video, Introduction to Audio, History of Motion Media and Mass Communication, Sound Design, Fundamentals of Lighting, Advanced Sound Design, Fundamentals of Editing, Intermediate Editing, Media Interpretation and Adaption, Advanced Camera and Lighting, Advanced Editing, Short Form Media Production, Digital Marketing Strategies, Media Delivery Systems and Distribution, Multi-Camera Production, Digital Media Production, Media Compositing, Portfolio Presentation, Media Design Workshop, Senior Portfolio and Defense, Drawing and Perspective, Fundamentals of Design, Color Theory, Observational Drawing, Traditional Typography, Digital Imaging, Web Scripting, Introduction to Authoring, Web Authoring, Concepts in Motion Design, Interactive Motion Graphics, Net Broadcasting, Introduction to 2D Animation, Storyboarding, Conceptual Storytelling, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Principles of Photography, Business Law, Fundamentals of Marketing, Career Development, Project Management, Intermediate Broadcast Graphics, and at least three additional program-specific electives.

Petersen Art Center

Petersen Art Center, located in Salt Lake City and accredited with the Better Business Bureau, offers many phenomenal art classes for people of any age. Those individuals, who would like complete details pertaining to the center and its classes, can call their information desk at-801-467-5444, or they can find the center’s current class offerings online at- They can also write to the center at-1025 East 2100 South, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106.

Some of the outstanding classes that the center offers are as follows-Concepts and Skills/Grades 1st through 3rd, Concepts and Skills/Grades 4th through 6th, Concepts and Skills/Grades 6th through 8th, Concepts and Skills/Grades 3rd through 6th, Painting and Drawing/Grades 6th through 8th, Drawing and Watercolor, Drawing Skills, Oil and Acrylic Painting, Oils/Acrylics and Drawing, Colored Pencil Drawing, and Wheel Thrown Pottery.

Visual Art Institute

The Visual Art Institute in Salt Lake City, winner of the Best Early-Immersion Art Program award in 2008, offers a broad range of art classes and programs for people of all age groups. Prospective students can contact the institute at-801-474-3796, or they can write to their mailing address-2901 South Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106. They can also find out how to register for the institute’s classes or programs by visiting their website at-

Following are some of the fabulous classes offered by the institute-Introduction to Drawing, Paper Sculpture, Creative Ink Drawing, Cartooning, Installation Art, Color Theory, Portrait Sculpture, Foundation Drawing, Figure Drawing and Painting, Special Projects/Any Media, College Preparation Program/Portfolio Preparation, Zines, Anatomy of the Head, Color Pastel Drawing, Observational Oil, Workshops, and Special Projects.

Eccles Community Art Center

Eccles Community Art Center, located in Ogden and approved by the Utah Arts Council, offers a vast array of delightful art classes and programs for people, both young and old. Those people in the Ogden area, who would like to register for one of the center’s classes, can call their information desk at-801-392-6935, or they can register online at- They can also write to the center at-2580 Jefferson Avenue, Ogden, Utah, 84401.

Some of the fascinating classes that the center offers are as follows-Adult Beginning Watercolor, Adult Watercolor, Basic Digital Photography, Nature Journaling for Urban Naturalists, Digital Media Self-Portrait, Winter Wonderings/Watercolor, Thank You Cards, Spring Forward/Painting and Drawing From Nature, Mini Apothecary Terrarium, Holiday Crafts, More Holiday Crafts, Felt Heart Sachet, Draw Stronger, Decoupage Snowflake Apothecary Jar, Winter Adventures in Art Camp, Tribal Rhythms/Drums/Beginning, Tribal Rhythms/Drums/Intermediate, Tribal Rhythms/Drums/Advanced, Virginia Tanner Creative Dance, Soul Meets Body/A Moving Meditation Through Dance, Middle Eastern Belly Dance Techniques, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, African Dance, Film Shooting and Directing on Location, Writing a Short Film, and Art of the Cocktail.

Colleges and Universities in Utah

Below are some of the most popular Colleges in Utah for aspiring Artists.

Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University in Provo has superior programs in acting, animation, art education, art history, dance, dance education, graphic design, illustration, music, music composition, studio arts and theater, all accredited with the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. Those persons, who would like to attend the university, can contact them at-801-422-4636, or they can write to the campus at-150 Bulldog Blvd., Provo, Utah, 84604. They can also find the application procedures online at-

If students wish to pursue a bachelor of fine arts degree in animation, they must complete the following liberal arts curriculum-American Heritage, Book of Mormon, Arts, Quantitative Reasoning, Letters, Doctrine and Covenants, Advanced Written and Oral Communication, Biological Science, First-Year Writing, World Civilization to 1500, Languages of Learning, World Civilization Sicne 1500, Civilization I and II, New Testament, Physical Science, Global and Cultural Awareness, and Social Science.

They must also complete the following program-oriented courses-Introduction to Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics, Figure Drawing for Animators, Introduction to Two-Dimensional Animation Skills, Portfolio Review, Intermediate Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics, Introduction to Three-Dimensional Animation, Character Animation in 3D, Shader Programming, Advanced Senior Film Production I, Three-Dimensional Visual Effects, Introduction to Film, Gesture Drawing for Animators, Basic Storyboarding, Two-Dimensional Animation, Drawing for Animation, Advanced Storyboarding, Two-Dimensional Animation Production, Business and Ethics in Animation, Special Effects, Advanced Senior Film Production II or BFA Final Project or BFA Independent Film Production, History of Animation, one additional Art History course, and three additional art-related electives.

Latter Day Saints Business College

The Latter Day Saints Business College, located in Salt Lake City and accredited with the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, has an exemplary associate’s degree program in interior design for those people interested in the field. If people would like to attend the college, they can call the information line at-801-524-8100 or write to the campus at-411 E South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84111. They can also find essential information online at-

Interior design students must take several basic skills and program-related courses to earn their degrees. The basic skills courses that they will need to complete are the following-Introduction to College Writing, Computer Literacy, Computer Applications, Book of Mormon I or II, Interpersonal Communications, three additional Religion electives, Business Communications, Personal Finance, Environmental Science, Critical Thinking and Reasoning, and Introduction to Psychology.

Following are the program-related courses that students will need to complete-Principles of Design, Introduction to Interior Design, Color Theory, Drafting, Perspective Drawing, 3D Design, Space Planning, Textiles, Studio I and II, Introduction to AutoCAD, Historical Furnishings and Architecture, Rendering Techniques, Computer Design I and II, Portfolio I and II, Interior Design Internship, Resources and Career Issues, Modern Furnishings and Architecture, Business of Interior Design, Survey of Art History, Introduction to Drawing, and Introduction to Sales I.

Salt Lake City Community College

Accredited with the Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities, Salt Lake City Community College offers quality programs in art history, culinary arts, dance, fine arts, interior design, music, performing arts, theater, and visual art and design. If people would like to view the full details pertaining to any of these programs, they can do so online at- They can also request information by calling the college at-801-957-4333 or by writing to them at-Post Office Box 30808, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84130.

If students choose to earn an associate of applied science degree in visual art and design/animation, they will need to pass the following basic skills courses with at least a C-Introduction to Writing, Intermediate Algebra or Math for Visual Arts, Elements of Effective Communication or Principles of Public Speaking or Career Speech Skills, Foundation Seminar, and one additional basic skills elective.

Students will also need to pass the following art-related courses with at least a C-Foundation I and II/Drawing, Design, Animation I through III, Figure Drawing, Digital Media Essentials, Illustrator Software, Web Site Description, Computer Illustration, Illustration I and II, Advanced Figure Drawing, Advanced Illustration, and at least one additional art-related elective.

Other Wonderful Art Schools in Utah

  • Southern Utah University-Cedar City
  • Dixie State College of Utah-Saint George
  • Snow College-Ephraim
  • Weber State University-Ogden
  • Utah Valley State College-Orem
  • University of Utah-Salt Lake City
  • Utah State University-Logan

Steps to a Fun and Exciting Art Career in Utah

1. The first thing that people need to do to gain admission to art school is fill out and submit an application. Along with their applications, they should also provide the school with their high-school transcripts and/or any other relevant transcripts.

2. Some schools may also require applicants to submit such things as art portfolios, letters of recommendation and short essays. Performing arts majors may need to audition before they can gain entry to the school. Finally, most schools require applicants to schedule an interview with a school official before students can begin their training.

3. After the school accepts students, they need to attend an orientation or a tour of the school, and they will need to undergo various placement tests in areas such as writing, English and mathematics. Students will also need to gather together any supplies they may need for their classes such as basic painting supplies, basic drawing supplies, a digital camera, a laptop, cutting tools, measuring tools, glue sticks, a staple gun and masking tape.

4. With all of the prerequisites out of the way, students can then begin their programs. They will need to complete various general education courses, as well as, several program-specific classes to earn their degrees or certificates. They will also need to complete either an art capstone, an apprenticeship or internship, a junior or senior thesis, and a junior or senior art project. In some cases, students may have to complete more than one of these requirements.

5. If students must complete an art capstone, they can fulfill the requirement in various ways. Some of the most popular ways that students achieve art capstones are through portfolios, research papers or projects, presentations, art projects, essays, and exhibitions or galleries.

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