Art Schools in South Dakota

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Careers in art are extremely popular today, due mainly to the fact that they are not only well-paying, but they are fun and satisfying, as well.

There are many sectors in the field of art for people to work within, including museums, fashion industries, educational institutions and the world-wide web.

For those people in South Dakota, who would like to begin a career in this lucrative field, following are some of the top art schools in the state.

Schools of Art

Below are some of the best Art Schools for Art Classes, Courses, Programs and Degrees for aspiring Artists in South Dakota.

Dahl Arts Center

Located in Rapid City and approved by the South Dakota Arts Council, the Dahl Arts Center offers a vast array of art classes for both adults, as well as, children. If people would like to view the current schedule of class offerings at the center, they can view them on the center’s website- They can also obtain information by calling-605-394-4101 or by writing to the center at-713 7th Street, Rapid City, South Dakota, 57701.

Some of the fascinating classes for children offered by the center include the following-Cosmic Combo (ages 5-12 Clay/Watercolor and Drawing), Hand and Wheel Kids (ages 8-14), Clay Play(ages 5-9), Funny Pages (ages 5-14 Cartoon Drawing), Drawing Favorites (ages 5-14), It’s About Time (ages 5-12 theater), Zoo Crew Fun (ages 5-12 Drawing and Watercolor), Photo Fun (ages 5-12), Incredible Inventions (ages 5-12 Pencil/Paint and Sculpture), Swirly Whirly(ages 3-6 Marbled Paper), Keepsake Clay (ages 3-6), and Fakey Cakes (ages 3-6 Sculpture).

Following are some of the wonderful classes that the center offers to teens and adults-Wheel Extras (ages 18 and up Ceramics), Hand and Wheel Pottery (ages 14 and up), Photography Views (ages 16 and up), One Day Watercolors (ages 14 and up), Life Drawing (ages 18 and up), Matt Cutting (ages 16 and up), Open Studio Cards (ages 18 and up), Drawing Basics (ages 14 and up), Painting in the Black Hills (ages 18 and up), and The Outdoor Studio (ages 18 and up).

Culinary Academy of South Dakota

The Culinary Academy of South Dakota, an extension of Mitchell Technical Institute in Mitchell, has an astonishing associate’s degree or diploma program in culinary arts, accredited with the Higher Learning Commission. Those people in the Mitchell district, who would like to work in this field, can find out how to enroll by phoning the institute at-800-684-1969 or by writing to the campus at-1800 East Spruce Street, Mitchell, South Dakota, 57301. They can also apply online at-

For students to earn an associate of applied science degree in culinary arts, they must take all of the following liberal arts courses-Basic Mathematics, Basic Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Technical Math, Social and Behavioral Science, General Psychology, Industrial Relations, Student Success Seminar, Complete Computer Concepts, Grammar/Usage Preparation, Composition, Technical Writing, First Aid/CPR, and Technical Communications.

They must also take all of the following career-preparation courses-Customer Service, Food Service Sanitation, Food Service Math, Food Theory I and II, Food Production I and II, Restaurant Foods I through IV, Controlling Restaurant Cost, Food Service Supervision, Community Service, Nutrition, Advanced Foods, Introduction to Business, Accounting for Business I, Specialty Foods, Hospitality and Management, Principles of Marketing, and Internship.

Colleges and Universities

Below are some of the most popular Colleges for Art Students in South Dakota.

University of South Dakota

The University of South Dakota in Vermillion offers spectacular programs in art, art education, musical education, musical arts and theater, all accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Those individuals, who would like to study within the university, can contact them at-877-269-6837, or they can write to the university at-414 East Clark Street, Vermillion, South Dakota, 57069. They can also find helpful information online at-

If students choose to earn a bachelor of fine arts degree in art education, they must complete several basic skills, educational and art-specific course work. The basic skills course work is as follows-Composition I and II, Introduction to Literature, Fundamentals of Speech or Advanced Public Speaking, Quantitative Skills, two Social Science electives, one Humanities elective, two Natural Science courses with labs, Aesthetic Experience elective, and The Challenge/Success and Happiness.

Following is the art-specific and educational course work that they must complete-First Year Art Seminar, Drawing I and II, Design I/2D, Design II/Color, Degree Project, History of World Art I and II, 19th Century Art History, 20th Century Art History, Painting I, Sculpture I, Ceramics I, Photography I, Printmaking I, Graphic Design, Drawing III/Figurative, Drawing IV/Mixed Media, five additional advanced Art electives, K-8 Art Methods, K-12 Art Methods, Educational Assessment, Foundations of American Education, Human Relations, K-8 Student Teaching, Educational Psychology, Development Through the School Years, South Dakota Indian Studies, Field Experience, 7-12 Teaching Reading in the Content Area, 7-12 Student Teaching, Students with Exceptionalities, Classroom Management, Technology to Improve Learning, and Technology in the Classroom.

University of Sioux Falls

The University of Sioux Falls, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, offers sensational programs in art education, art, music, graphic design and theater for those people, who wish to study within these fields. If people would like to contact the school, they can call-800-888-1047, or they can write to them at the following address-1101 West 22nd Street, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 57105. They may also choose to visit the school’s website at-

Those students, who choose to major in art with a concentration in graphic design, will need to take the following liberal arts classes-Computer Solutions or Introduction to Computer Science I, Writing and Intellectual Traditions I and II, Introduction to the Bible, Introduction to Christian Thought, one Fine Arts elective, Science course, Mathematics, History elective, Literature elective, Dimensions of Wellness, Social Science, Political Science, Economics, one Creative Arts elective, Cultural Awareness, and Critical Thinking.

They must also take the following program-related classes-Drawing I, Visual Arts Computer Applications, Introduction to Design, Introduction to Sculpture, Painting I, Art History/Pre-History to 14th Century, Art History/14th Century to Present, Communication Arts Colloquium, Art History/20th Century, Senior Thesis, Graphic Design/Layout, Graphic Design/Imaging, Advanced Graphic Design, Digital Photography, Graphic Design/Typography, Printmaking I, Web Design, and Internship in Art.

Northern State University

Located in Aberdeen and accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education, Northern State University offers astonishing programs in music, theater, advertising design, multimedia design, art education, and visual/fine art. Those people, who would like full details pertaining to any of these programs, can contact Northern State at-800-678-5330, or they can write to the campus at-1200 South Jay Street, Aberdeen, South Dakota, 57401. They can also read about the programs online at-

For students to earn a bachelor of arts degree in advertising design, they must fulfill the following basic education requirements-Composition I and II, Speech, three Humanities electives, three Fine Arts electives, Mathematics, two Lab Science courses, three Behavioral and Social Science electives, Wellness, Human Values, two Cultural Diversity electives, and Technology Literacy.

They must also fulfill the following program-specific requirements-Drawing I and II, Design I/2D, Design II/3D, History of World Art I through IV, Graphic Design, Advertising Design, Web Page Design, Digital Imaging, Digital Illustration, Creative Photography Techniques, Topics in Advertising Design, Design Internship, Senior Thesis, Senior Portfolio Review, and at least three additional program-specific electives.

Dakota State University

Dakota State University, located in Madison and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, offers astounding programs in art, computer game design, and digital arts and design. Those students, who have an interest in any of these programs, can contact the school at-605-256-5111, or they can read about the programs online They can also request information by writing to the campus at-820 North Washington Avenue, Madison, South Dakota, 57042.

Students, who choose to earn a bachelor of science degree in computer game design, will need to complete several general education classes as follows-two Written Communication electives, Oral Communication course, two Social Science courses, two Fine Arts or Humanities electives, Mathematics, two Natural Science courses, and Information Literacy.

They must complete the following program-related classes, as well-2-D Design on Computers I and II, 3-D Design on Computers I and II, Computer Graphic Effects I, Web Application Programming I and II, Structured Systems Analysis and Design, Computer Science I and II, Object Oriented Design, Data Structures, Storyboarding, Introduction to Game Design, Computer Game Analysis and Development, Project and Process I and II, Project Development I and II, Mathematics of Games, and Web-Based Interactivity.

Black Hills State University

Located in Spearfish and accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education, Black Hills State University has top-notch programs in art education, art, music, vocal music, theater and theater education. Students, who would like to attend Black Hills, can contact their main office at-605-642-6343, or they may write to the campus at-1200 University Street, Unit 9502, Spearfish, South Dakota, 57799. They can also find the programs within the university’s website at-

Students, who choose to major in art, will need to complete the following general education curriculum-Composition I and II, Mathematics, Speech, Wellness for Life and lab, three Social Science electives, one Arts or Humanities elective, and two Natural Science courses with labs.

They will also need to fulfill the following art-related requirements-Drawing I, Design I/2D, Design II/Color, Three-Dimensional Design, Drawing III/Figurative, Art and Technology, Introduction to Visual Arts, History of World Art I and II, Recent Developments in Visual Arts, and at least four Studio Art or Art-Related electives.

Augustana College

Augustana College in Sioux Falls offers amazing programs in art, music and theater, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Those persons, who would like full details pertaining to the admission requirements of Augustana, can phone the college at-605-274-0770 or write to them at-2001 South Summit Avenue, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 57197. They can also find the programs on the college’s website at-

If students want to major in art at Augustana, they must complete all of the following basic education courses-Exploring Self and Relationships, Meeting the Challenge of College, Understanding the Self in Interpersonal Relations, Developing Personal Well-Being Through Physical Activities, Strengthening Skills for Living and Working in a Changing World, Written Communication, two additional Writing electives, Oral Communication or Analytical Reasoning, Mathematical Reasoning, Developing Knowledge for a Changing World, The Western Heritage/Early and Late, two Natural Science courses, two Human Behavior and Social Institutions electives, Foreign Language, Literature, Fine Arts, Intercultural Studies, three courses in Developing Values/Perspectives and Commitment, Exploring the Christian Tradition, Faith and Meaning, and Intergrating Faith and Life.

They must also complete all of the following art-specific courses-Drawing I/Introduction to Drawing, Art History I/Prehistory to the Renaissance, Art History II/Renaissance Through the 20th Century, Design I/Two-Dimensional Design, Ceramics I/Introduction to Ceramics, Sculpture I/Introduction to Sculpture, Drawing II/Intermediate Drawing, Design II/Intermediate Design, Senior Seminar, at least five Studio Art electives, and Sophomore Review.

Requirements of Arts Schools in South Dakota

While the requirements for art schools in South Dakota may vary from one institution to the next, there are many basic requirements that are common for most of them. In addition to standard applications, application fees, ACT/SAT scores and transcripts, students may also need to submit such things as portfolios, letters of recommendation, and an essay. They may also need to audition, and most art schools require students to attend an interview and an orientation.

For students to complete their programs they will need to complete a junior or senior project, a junior or senior thesis, an art capstone, an apprenticeship, or an internship. Some schools require students to complete more than one of these requirements. Students, who need to complete an art capstone, can fulfill this requirement through such things as art projects, research projects, portfolios, essays, exhibitions and presentations.

Finally, students will need to purchase a variety of basic art supplies for many of their courses. Some of the supplies they will need include the following-drawing pad and utensils, a staple gun, a digital camera, a laptop, basic painting supplies, masking tape, tools for measuring and cutting, and glue sticks.

When students prepare themselves properly, they will soon realize the career of their dreams.

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