Art Schools in Ohio

Careers in art are extremely fun and exciting, and they offer a vast array of opportunities.

Whether people want to work in painting, sculpture, education, fashion design or webdesign, there is a field that will satisfy their creativity.

There are many wonderful schools in Ohio that offer various programs for aspiring artists, and following are just a few.

Schools of Art and Design

Below are some of the most popular Art Schools in Ohio that offer Classes, Courses, Programs, Degrees and Certifications.

The Art Institute of Ohio at Cincinnati

Accredited with the Higher Learning Commission, The Art Institute of Ohio at Cincinnati offers a broad range of fascinating art programs for those who want to work in the field of art. Some of the delightful programs that the institute offers include culinary arts, web design, web animation, illustration, fashion design, graphic design and accessory design. Students in the Cincinnati or surrounding areas, who would like to schedule a tour of the school, can contact them at-513-833-2400, or they can chat with an operator online They can also write to the institute at-8845 Governors Hill Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45249.

All students, who wish to attend The Art Institute of Ohio at Cincinnati, must submit a brief, 300 word essay describing their educational and career goals. They must also schedule an interview with a school official and attend an orientation or tour of the school. Finally, many programs require students to submit a portfolio of their most recent, original work. Portfolios should ideally contain 10 to 15 pieces of work such as sketches, drawings, writings, photos, CDs or slides.

Those students, who choose to pursue a bachelor of fine arts degree in fashion design, must fulfill the following general education requirements-English I and II, Effective Speaking, two Humanities electives, two Mathematics electives, three Physical and Life Science electives, two Social Science electives, and General Education Capstone.

They will also need to fulfill a vast array of career-preparation, art-related and design-related courses as follows-Art History, Computers for the Arts, Survey of the Fashion Industry, Fundamentals of Construction, Advanced Construction, Textiles, Trends and Concepts in Apparel, Knitwear, Fundamentals of Patternmaking, Costume History, Fashion Sketching and Illustration, Advanced Patternmaking, Technical Drawing and Design, Research and Sourcing Fundamentals, Introduction to Business and Retailing, Draping and Fit Analysis, Computer Patternmaking, Concept and Line Development, Design Specialties I and II, Production Systems, Fashion Career Management, Surface Design, Senior Collection Concept and Technical, Digital Textile Design, Senior Collection Technical and Production, Product Development, Portfolio Preparation, Internship, Design Fundamentals, Observational Drawing, and Color Theory.

Art Academy of Cincinnati

The Art Academy of Cincinnati, accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education, offers many delightful art programs including art history, drawing, sculpture, illustration, painting, photography and printmaking. People, who would like to learn about any of these programs, can find out by calling-513-562-6262 or by visiting the academy online at- They can also write to them at the 1212 block of Jackson Street in Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202.

For the school to admit students into the academy, students must provide a 500 word essay describing their educational and career goals. They must also provide at least one letter of recommendation from a previous professor or teacher and a portfolio, containing 10 to 12 pieces of their most recent and original art work. At least three to five of the pieces should be black and white observational drawings, and at least one should be a self-portrait.

Students, who want to earn their bachelor of fine arts degree in drawing, must complete several general education courses as follows-Advanced Tutorial I and II, Humanities, Aesthetics, two Natural Science electives, two Social Science electives, Academic Studies elective, Entering Writing Diagnostic, Mid-Level Writing Diagnostic, and two additional General Education electives.

Students will also need to complete many different program-specific courses as follows-Creative Processes, Color/Theory and Application, Digital Media I and II, Drawing I through V, Senior Seminar I and II, Studio electives I through VII, Professional Component, Figuration, Drawing as Inquiry, Individual Investigations in Drawing, Introduction to Art History I and II, Art of the 20th and 21st Centuries, Art History elective, Contemporary Art/Issues and Ideas, Artist as Writer, Artist as Reader, 1st through 4th Year Reviews, Senior Thesis, and 1st through 3rd Year Self-Evaluations.

The Cleveland Institute of Art

Accredited with the Northcentral Association of Colleges and Schools, The Cleveland Institute of Art offers a broad range of fabulous art programs including animation, biomedical art, ceramics, drawing, game design, illustration, interior design, painting and sculpture. For people to find out about the admissions requirements of the institute, they can visit them online at- They can also acquire information by calling-800-223-4700 or by writing to them at the 11141 block of East Blvd., in Cleveland, Ohio, 44106.

Students, who wish to attend The Cleveland Institute of Art, will need to attend an orientation and submit a portfolio of some of their most recent and original work. Portfolios must be in CD or DVD format, and students may submit them online. They should contain anywhere from 12 to 20 pieces of work, and at least four of them should be observational works. In addition, pieces should reflect the student’s choice of study.

For students to earn their bachelor of fine arts degree in animation, they will need to complete several general education, art-related and animation-related courses. Following are the general education courses they must complete-Contemporary Composition as Dialogue, Writing and Research on Literature/Western and Non-Western, Gender and Genre-Theory/Literature and Research, Professional Writing, Business Practices, Humanities, Social or Natural Science, and one additional General Education elective.

The animation-related and art-related courses they will need to complete are as follows-Narrative/Image and Sequence, Drawing I and II, Narrative Production I and II, 2D Design, Video I, 3D Design, Color, Sound Design, Digital Art and Design I and II, BFA Preparation, Critical Issues in Contemporary Art and Design, Visual Organization and Media, History of Visual Culture/Ancient to 1500, 3D Character Animation, Introduction to 3D Animation, History of Visual Culture 1500 to 1900, Web Practice and Presence, History of Visual Culture 1900 to Present, Digital Texture and Lighting, Introduction to Animation, two Art/Craft and Design History electives, Screenwriting, BFA Statement and Exhibition, Introduction to Media Production and Integration, 2D and 3D Compositing, 3D Modeling, and BFA Thesis and Exhibition.

Colleges and Universities

Below are some of the best Schools and Institutes in Ohio for Art Courses, Classes, and Programs.

Baldwin-Wallace College

Located in Berea and accredited with the Higher Learning Commission, Baldwin-Wallace College offers outstanding programs in art history, digital media and design, music, theater and dance, studio art, and art education. Those persons, who would like to apply to Baldwin-Wallace, can contact them at-440-826-2900, or they may write to the campus at-275 Eastland Road, Berea, Ohio, 44017. They can also find out how to apply by checking out the school’s website at-

Students, who choose to major in art education, will need to complete the following required general education classes-Mathematics, English Composition, Science elective, Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science, Health and Physical Education, International Studies, and Diversity Studies.

They will also need to complete the following required program-specific courses-Drawing I through III, Two Dimensional Design, Three Dimensional Design, Color Theory, Introduction to Photography or Two Dimensional Computer Imaging, Introduction to Painting, Introduction to Ceramics, Introduction to Sculpture, Introduction to Printmaking, Materials and Techniques, Art Appreciation, Western Art I and II, Survey of American Painting and Sculpture, Topics in Non-Western Art, and at least one additional Art History course.

Bluffton University

Bluffton University in Bluffton offers several outstanding art programs, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Some of the programs offered by Bluffton University include art, music, art teaching, art and writing, visual arts, and music education. For people to learn about the admissions process of the school, they can call them at-419-358-3000 or write to them at-1 University Drive, Bluffton, Ohio, 45817. They can also find the answers to their inquiries online at-

Those students, who choose to major in art, will need to take the following basic education courses-First-Year Seminar, College English or Advanced College English, Understanding Numerical Data or Public Speaking and Persuasion, Introduction to Biblical Worldview, Integrated Arts, two Natural Science courses (one with lab), two Social Science courses, two Humanities electives, one additional Religion course, Issues in Modern America or Social and Philosophical Issues in Education, Cross-Cultural Experience or two Foreign Language courses, and Christian Values in a Global Community.

They will also need to take the following program-related courses-Design I and II, Drawing, Figure Drawing, Painting, Ceramics I, Sculpture I or II, Art History I through III, Independent Study in Art, Art Now Seminar, Portfolio Organization and Review, Senior Exhibition, Printmaking I/II/III or IV, and at least three additional Studio electives.

Capital University

Capital University, located in Columbus and accredited with the Higher Learning Commission, has excellent programs in art therapy, studio art, art education, music and theater. People, interested in studying within any of these programs, can phone Capital University at-614-236-6011 or write to them at-1 College and Main, Columbus, Ohio, 43209. They can also read all about the university and its programs online at-

Those students, who choose to major in studio art, must fulfill a variety of both basic skills and program-oriented courses. The basic skills courses are as follows-Reading and Writing in College, Oral Communication, Quantitative Reasoning, Global Awareness, Cultural Pluralism in American Society, Religion Foundations and the Bible, Social Science, Science and Technology in Society, Humanities, and Ethical Issues and Contemporary Religious Conviction.

The program-oriented courses they must take are as follows-Foundations in Studio Art, Drawing, Design, Art Professional Development Seminar, Digital Computer Imaging, Painting and Drawing, Life Drawing, Commercial Design, Advanced Studio Art Portfolio, Printmaking, Photography, one Art History course, Individual Study or Apprenticeship, and two additional Art-Related electives.

Youngstown State University

Located in Youngstown and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Youngstown State University offers several exemplary art programs. Some of the splendid programs offered by Youngstown include art history, studio art, graphic design, painting, photography, web design, music and theater. Those persons, who would like to learn about the admission requirements of Youngstown State, can call the admission’s office at-330-941-2000, or they can read about the admission requirements online at- They can also write to the school at-1 University Plaza, Youngstown, Ohio, 44555.

Those persons, who choose to work towards a bachelor of science degree in visual arts education, will need to fulfill the following general education requirements-Writing I and II, Communication Theory and Practice, Critical Thinking, Mathematics, two Natural Science classes (one with lab), two Artistic and Literary Practices courses, two Society and Institutions courses, and two Personal and Social Responsibility courses.

They will also need to complete many art-related and education-related courses as follows-Foundation Drawing, Intermediate Drawing, Fundamentals of 2D Design, Fundamentals of 3D Design, Foundation Portfolio Review, Expressive Drawing, Introduction to Digital Imaging, Introduction to Printmaking, Introduction to Graphic Design, Introduction to Ceramics, Introduction to Sculpture, Introduction to Black and White Photo, Introduction to Painting, Watercolor, Introduction to Metals, Pre-K through 4/Visual Arts Education, Professional Practices/Middle School, Professional Practices/Secondary Schools, Art Education Seminar, Introduction to Education, Teaching Across Curriculum, Technology for Teaching, Reading Applications in Content Areas, Psychology of Education, Education and Society, Individuals with Exceptionalities in Society, Student Teaching and Seminar, Survey of Art History, Theory of Art, and 20th Century from 1960.

Earn Your Art Degree or Certificate in Ohio

There are many superb schools in Ohio that offer programs for people who are interested in art. While all of the above schools offer excellent training in various fields of art, there are many more that offer exceptional training, as well. Following are just a few more of the many schools in Ohio for art students to choose among.

  • Antioch College-Yellow Springs
  • Hiram College-Hiram
  • Ashland University-Ashland
  • Denison University-Granville
  • Bowling Green State University-Bowling Green
  • Columbus College of Art and Design-Columbus
  • John Carroll University-Cleveland

Common Admission and Graduation Requirements

While all art schools have their own requirements for admissions and graduation, there are some common requirements that students will want to be aware of. Following are these common requirements.

Admission Requirements

1. Standard Admissions Application and Application Fee
1. High-School and Upper-Level School Transcripts
2. Placement Tests
3. Portfolios or Auditions
4. Letter/s of Recommendation
5. Work Experience
6. Orientation and/or Tour
7. Interview
8. Essay

Graduation Requirements

1. Art Capstone
2. Junior or Senior Thesis
3. Internship or Apprenticeship
4. Junior or Senior Project

Ways to Complete a Capstone

1. Research Projects
2. Art Projects
3. Exhibitions/Galleries
4. Essays
5. Presentations
6. Art Portfolios

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