Art Schools in Nebraska

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For those people in Nebraska, who would like to turn their love of art into an enjoyable career, there are many art schools for them to choose among.

From studies in painting and sculpture to studies in graphic design and advertising, there is an art school in the state that offers training to people in the field of their choice.

Following is a brief list of the best schools and some of the exceptional programs that they offer.

Nebraska Schools of Art

Below are some of the best Art Schools for Art Classes, Courses, Credits and Certifications for Artists.

Creative Center/College of Art and Design

Located in Omaha, the Creative Center/College of Art and Design offers astounding programs in graphic design, and design/illustration and computer graphics, both accredited with the accrediting commission of career schools and colleges. Those people, who have an interest in either of these areas, can find out how to apply to the center by calling them at-888-898-1789 or by writing to them at-10850 Emmet Street, Omaha, Nebraska, 68164. They can also visit the center online at-

Before students can begin training within the Creative Center, they will have to attend a personal interview with an admissions officer to discuss their educational goals. They will also need to attend a tour of the campus and submit at least one letter of recommendation, a personal art portfolio and a brief essay describing why they want to attend the center. The portfolio should contain about 10 to 15 pieces of the student’s best and most recent works of art.

Those students, who want to work towards an associate of occupational studies degree in design/illustration and computer graphics, will need to complete a two-year curriculum of basic education and program-related course work as follows-Art History I and II, Art Media Techniques, Color and Design Theory, Drawing, Typography, Fundamentals of Communication, Computer Graphics and Software, Design and Layout, Illustration I and II, 3-D Modeling/Display and Signage Design, Advertising Design, Publishing and Print Production, Web and Multimedia, Business of Graphic Design and Advertising, Design and Illustration, Interactive Media and Animation, Marketing and Advertising, and Portfolio Development.

Lux Center for the Arts

The Lux Center for the Arts, located in Lincoln and sponsored in part by the Nebraska Arts Council, offers many exceptional art classes for both adults and children. Those people in the Lincoln area, who would like to find out about the many outstanding classes offered by the center, can phone them at-402-466-8692 or write to them at the following address-2601 North 48th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68504. They can also read about the center and its programs online at-

Following are some of the fabulous art classes that the center offers for adults-Art Sampler for the Intimidated, Recycled/Upcycled and Revised, Ceramics/Clay Class Sampler, Pottery on the Potter’s Wheel, Mosaic Madness, Painting and Drawing/Watercolor and Calligraphy, Figure Drawing, Mixed Media and Collage, Draw and Paint/A Marriage of Two Studios, Metals and Jewelry/Essential Jeweler’s Skills, Glass/Quilting with Glass, Dichronic Fused Glass Jewelry, Couple’s and Girl’s Night/Date Night, Painting, Ceramics, Printmaking, Fused Glass, Girl’s Night Out, Beaded Jewelry, Etsy Workshop, Portfolio Packet Prep Workshop, Encaustic Photo Enhancement and Wax Transfers, Nuno Felted Workshops, and Fundamentals of Cake Art.

Some of the delightful classes that the center offers for children are as follows-Mapping the World in Clay, Drawing, Animals/Bugs and Critters, Journeys in Textiles, Art of the World, Tweens on Wheels, Acrylic Painting, Bookmaking and Artistic Journals, Fused Glass, 3D Sculpture, Portrait Drawing, Spring Break Art Week, Foundations of Drawing, Pottery on the Potter’s Wheel, Capturing the Portrait, Pizza and Picasso, Painting, Printmaking, Pottery, Cupcakes as Canvas/Edible Spring Gardens, and various holiday classes and workshops.

Joslyn Art Museum

Located in Omaha and approved by the Nebraska Board of Governors, the Joslyn Art Museum offers a variety of superb art classes for both adults and youths. If people would like to find out how to attend any of the classes offered by the museum, they can call-402-342-3300, or they can visit them online at- They can also request information by writing to the museum at-2200 Dodge Street, Omaha, Nebraska, 68102.

Following are the wonderful art classes that the museum offers for adults and teens-Draw What You See, iPhoneography, Basic Drawing, Learning to Paint with the Masters, Gilded and Embossed Paper, Art with Rhythm, Advanced Drawing, Making Beads with Egyptian Paste, Net/Ladder and Brick Stitch Bracelet, Bead Chains, Winged Scarab Bracelet/Peyote Stitch, Street Art/Hiero Grafitti, Oil Painting/Parts of People, and Egyptian Relief Sculpture.

Some of the unique classes that the museum offers for children are as follows-Ancient Gamers, Jewelry/Nile Style, Clay of the Dead, Everything Egypt, Like an Artist, Dig that Jazzy Art, Printmaking, Canvas Painting, Pets in Art, Animals on the Nile, Mummy and Me, All that Jazz, Color Crazed, Art Smart, Home-School Art School, Art School, Saturday Classes, and Art Adventures.

Colleges and Universities in Nebraska

Below are some of the best Colleges for aspiring Artists.

Chadron State College

Chadron State College in Chadron has several splendid art-related programs including theater, music, studio art, graphic design and art education, all accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Those people in the Chadron or surrounding districts, who would like to attend the college, can phone the main office at-800-242-3766 or write to them at the following mailing address-1000 Main Street, Chadron, Nebraska, 69337. They may also visit Chadron State College online at-

Those students, who wish to pursue a bachelor of arts degree in graphic design, will need to complete all of the following general education course work with at least a C-Communications elective, Composition I and II, Introduction to College Writing, English Composition, College Reading Strategies, one Fine Arts elective, two Global and Social Awareness electives, American National Government or Comparative Politics, Health and Wellness elective, two History courses, one Humanities elective, Mathematics, Physical Education elective, Reason and Value electives, and two Science courses.

They will also need to complete all of the following program-specific course work with at least a C-Drawing I, Design Fundamentals I and II, Figure Drawing I, Printmaking I, Sculpture I, Ceramics I, Introduction to Graphic Design, Painting I, Glass I, Creative Photography or Introduction to Photography, Art History Survey I and II, Senior Thesis, Graphic Design I through III, 20th Century Art Survey, Graphic Design Practicum, and at least one additional Art-Related or Program-Specific elective.

Concordia University

Located in Seward and accredited with the Higher Learning Commission, Concordia University offers first-class programs in music, studio art, graphic design, art education, art therapy and ecclesiastical art. If people would like to learn about any of these programs, they can do so online at- They can also request program brochures by calling the university at-402-643-3651 or by writing to them at-800 North Columbia Avenue, Seward, Nebraska, 68434.

Students, who want to earn a bachelor of arts degree in ecclesiastical art, must take the following basic education classes-First-Year Seminar, Humanities, two Social Science courses, Health and Human Performance, Mathematics, two Natural Science courses, Global/Multicultural Studies elective, one Service-Learning course, one Writing-Intensive course, and two Financial Literacy courses.

They must also take the following art-oriented classes-Drawing, Digital Imaging, Two-Dimensional Design, Three-Dimensional Design, The Christian Faith in Art and Architecture, Ecclesiastical Art Studio, Ecclesiastical Art Internship, Theology of Corporate Workshop, and at least five of the following classes-Art History I through III, Introduction to Graphic Design, Watercolor, Basic Digital Photography, Ceramics, Printmaking, Painting, Sculpture, Collage and Mixed Media, Interpretation of Selected Pauline Epistle, and Interpretation of the Gospels.

Nebraska Wesleyan University

Nebraska Wesleyan University, located in Lincoln and accredited with the Higher Learning Commission, offers several phenomenal art programs including art, music, music education, theater arts, theater design and technology, and theater education. Those people, who would like to apply to Nebraska Wesleyan, can find out how by calling the school at-800-541-3818 or by visiting them online at- They can also request information by writing to the campus at-5000 Saint Paul Avenue, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68504.

For students to earn a bachelor of fine arts degree, they must take the following basic skills courses-Liberal Arts Seminar, English Language and Writing, Fundamentals of Communication, one Masterpieces of Literature elective, Health and Wellness, one Mathematics course, two Modern Language courses, one Global Studies elective, one Global Community elective, one Western Intellectual and Religions Traditions elective, US Society elective, one Cultural Pluralism in the US elective, two Fine Arts electives, Natural Science elective, and one Social Science elective.

Students must also take the following art-oriented courses-Basic Design, Drawing I/Basic Drawing, Drawing II/Figure Drawing, Survey of Non-Western Art History, Art and Society in the West/Ancient to Medieval, Art and Society in the West/Renaissance to Modern, at least one additional Art History elective, Theory and Criticism, Ceramics I, Sculpture I or Metalsmithing I, Senior Project, Senior Comprehensive for BA, and at least two of the following courses-Painting I, Digital Media, Printmaking I, Photography I, and Digital Photography.

Northeast Community College

Northeast Community College, located in Norfolk and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, has many top-notch art programs including an associate’s degree in art, culinary arts, graphic design, music/performance, music education and theater. Those people, who would like to attend Northeast, can contact them at-402-371-2020, or they can request information through the mail by writing to-801 East Benjamin Avenue, Norfolk, Nebraska, 68701. They can also find the application requirements online at-

Those students, who choose to earn an associate of arts degree, need to take all of the following general education classes-English Composition I, one Social Science elective, Mathematics, Oral Communication, Lifetime Wellness, one History course, Behavioral Science elective, Natural Science course, and English Literature.

They also need to take all of the following art-related classes to earn their degree-Design I and II, Art History/Ancient to Gothic, Digital Photography, Drawing Logic I and II, Graphic Arts I, Art History/Renaissance to Present, Painting I, and at least three additional Art-Related electives.

Additional Nebraska Art Schools

  • Bellevue University in Bellevue
  • Creighton University in Omaha
  • Dana College in Blair
  • Doane College in Crete
  • Hastings College in Hastings
  • Union College in Lincoln
  • University of Nebraska in Kearney
  • Wayne State College in Wayne

The Basic Requirements of Art Schools in Nebraska

If people want to attend an art school in Nebraska, they must fulfill various requirements unique to the school that they choose. While the requirements may vary from one institution to another, there are some common requirements for many schools. Along with standard applications and transcripts, students may also need to submit such things as art portfolios, letters of recommendation and essays. They may also need to audition, and most schools require students to attend an interview and an orientation.

After students gain entry to the school of their choice, they must then purchase the basic supplies they may need. Necessary supplies may vary, as well, depending upon the program that students may choose. However, many art programs require students to have scissors, a cutting knife, a digital camera, paint brushes, palettes, cutting knives, palette knives, masking tape, glue sticks, a stapler, a measuring tape, drawing pads, drawing utensils, erasers, a sharpener, a steel ruler and a T-square.

Finally, as part of the program, art students will need to fulfill various requirements to earn their degrees. Not only do they need to complete various liberal arts and program-related courses, but they need to fulfill some of the following, as well-an internship or apprenticeship, an art capstone, a junior or senior project, and a junior or senior thesis.

If students need to complete a capstone, they can complete it in various ways such as research papers/projects, art projects, exhibitions, essays, presentations and art portfolios.

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