Art Schools in Louisiana

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For those creative people in Louisiana, who would love to work within a job that is not only profitable but is fun, as well, a career in art is the perfect choice.

Whether people enjoy painting, sculpture, or game design, there is a terrific and exciting career for them in the field of art.

All of the following schools in Louisiana offer excellent programs in varying fields of art, and prospective students can begin their careers in only two to four years after graduating.

Louisiana Schools of Art

Below are some of the biggest and best Art Schools for Art Classes, Courses, Programs and Degrees for Artists.

Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts has three campuses in Covington, Mandeville and River Ridge that offer astounding programs in dance, music and vocals for people of all ages. Prospective students can contact the Covington academy at-985-590-4545, or they may choose to write to them at-857 North Collins Blvd., Suite A, Covington, Louisiana, 70433. They can also read all about the academies and their programs at-

Students, who wish to attend the academy, must submit to either a phone or in-person interview with a school official to discuss the student’s talents and goals. They must also display real talent and interest in their field of choice. The academy offers many programs in various fields of performing arts; and for those people, who wish to study music, following are some of the phenomenal classes offered by the school-Trumpet, Banjo, Ukelele, Mandolin, Drumset, Tambourine, French Horn, Bongos, Acoustic Piano, Bass Guitar, Digital Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Violin, Trombone, Viola, Cello, Upright Bass, Electric Guitar, Piccolo, Flute, Tuba, Clarinet, Acoustic Guitar, Saxophone, and Oboe.

They also offer the following superb vocal classes-Singing, Choirs and Vocal Coaching. Some of the delightful youth classes that the academy offers are-Parent and Tot/Dance, Mini-Mozarts, Preschool Music I and II, and Summer Camps. Additional courses that the school offers are as follows-Creative Movement/Dance, Ballet, Tap, Jazz/Dance, Hip-Hop, Composition and Arranging, Songwriting, Transcription, Counterpoint, and Harmony.

Baton Rouge Fine Arts Academy

Located in Baton Rouge, the Baton Rouge Fine Arts Academy has unique art programs for those people with a love of art. If people would like to find out about the academy and the programs they offer, they can phone them at-225-295-1644, or they can choose to write to them at their mailing address-2834 South Sherwood Forest, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70816. They also have the option of reading about the programs online at-

Baton Rouge Fine Arts Academy offers many fabulous classes for those people interested in art. Some of the areas that the academy’s classes cover are as follows-Basics of Drawing, Basics of Shading, Composition, Color Theory, Charcoal and Pastels, Pencil Sketching, Introduction to Watercolor, Pencil Technique, Perspective, Application to Landscapes, Two-Color Watercolor, Three-Color Watercolor, Four-Color Watercolor, Advanced Watercolor Skills, Oils and Acrylics, Portraits, Workshops, and Oil on Watercolor. The academy also offers several instructional DVDs and Books for purchase.

Creative Floral Design School of New Orleans

Located in Gretna and licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Regents, the Creative Floral Design School of New Orleans offers an exemplary floral design program for those people interested in the field. People, who would like to attend the Floral Design School, can phone them at-504-366-7676, or they may write to the school at-714 Lafayette Street, Gretna, Louisiana, 70053. They can also view the program online at the school’s

For those creative people, who love flowers, this is the perfect school for them to study within. Some of the fascinating areas of study at the school are as follows-Orientation, Identification of Fresh Cut Flowers and Cut Foliage, Care and Conditioning of Fresh Cut Flowers and Foliage, Containers/Mechanical Aids/Tools and Accessories, Preparation of Containers with Foam Material, Making Bows and Ribbon Roses, History of Floristry, Wrapping Potted Plants, Unpacking and Conditioning Large Shipments of Flowers, Principles/Elements and Rules of Floral Design, Basic Shapes of Floral Arrangements, Design Arrangements of Fresh Flowers, Qualifications of a Retail Florist, How to Make a Profit in the Flower Business, Sympathy Flowers/The Importance of Funeral Work, Pricing Funeral Designs and How to Handle Deliveries, Designing Funeral Baskets, Preparation Work for Heart and Cross Designs, Satin-Wrapped Wreaths, Completing the Design Portion of the Heart/Wreath and Cross, Review of Principles/Elements and Rules of Design, Flowers to Wear-Corsages/Wristlets and Headpieces, Designing Corsages/Wristlets and Headpieces with Fresh Flowers, Handling Wedding Appointments/Interviewing the Bride, Preparation of Flowers for Bridal Bouquets, Designing Bridal Bouquets of Various Styles, The Church/Reception Flowers and Party Flowers, and Field Trips.

Louisiana Colleges and Universities

Below are some of the most popular Colleges for aspiring Artists.

Centenary College of Louisiana

Located in Shreveport and accredited with the Commission on Colleges, Centenary College of Louisiana offers extraordinary programs in music, theater and visual arts. Those students, who would like to begin their art careers at Centenary College, can call their main office at-318-869-5011 or write to the school at-2911 Centenary Blvd., Shreveport, Louisiana, 71104. They can also learn how to enroll to Centenary by visiting them online at their website-

Those students, who decide to pursue a bachelor of arts degree in studio art, will need to take the following basic education classes to earn their degrees-First-Year Experience, Rhetoric, English I, four Humanities electives, Statistics, additional Mathematics course, two Natural Science courses with labs, three Social Science electives, Foreign Language, additional Writing elective, and Speech.

Students must also take the following art-specific classes to earn their degrees-Introduction to Visual Culture, Ancient through Medieval Art or Renaissance through Contemporary Art, Beginning Drawing and Design, Life Drawing and Advanced Composition, Hand Built Pottery or Beginning Sculpture, Design Communication, Printmaking and Art and Materials and Techniques of Painting or Photography I and II or Video and Film Production I and II, Advanced Studio I and II or Web Design and Topics in Multimedia Design, and Senior Seminar.

Delgado Community College

Located in the city of New Orleans, Delgado Community College offers wonderful programs in interior design, architecture, culinary arts and graphic design, accredited with the Commission on Colleges. Those people in the New Orleans or surrounding areas can learn about the enrollment procedures by calling the college at-504-671-5000, or they may request information by writing to the college at-501 City Park Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70119. They can also find the answers to their inquiries online at-

Those students, who choose to earn an associate of arts degree in interior design, will need to complete the following liberal arts classes-English Composition I and II, Writing for Business and Industry, Algebra for College Students, one Humanities elective, two Natural Science courses, and two Social Science courses.

Students will also need to take the following program-related classes to earn their degrees-Drawing I or Painting I, History of Interior Design I and IV, Drafting for Interior Design, Two-Dimensional Design, Interior Design I through III, Computers for Interior Design or Introduction to CAD, Color for Interior Space, Interior Materials/Finishes and Furnishings, Lighting Design, Interior Construction Systems, Professional Practices for Interior Design, and at least one additional program-related elective.

Grambling State University

Grambling State University in Grambling has first-class programs in studio art, digital art, art education, music and theater, accredited with the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges. Those individuals, who would like to enroll within any of these programs, can contact Grambling at-800-569-4714, or they may write to the campus at-403 Main Street, Grambling, Louisiana, 71245. They can also visit Grambling online at their website-

Students, who wish to pursue a bachelor of arts degree in digital arts, will need to fulfill the following basic education courses-Freshman Seminar, Freshman Composition I and II, College Algebra, First Aid, Physical Education, Trigonometry, Biology, Physical Science or Environmental Chemistry, Advanced Composition, Computers and Society, American National Multi-Cultural History to 1877, Economics, Speech Arts or Fundamentals of Public Speaking, Rising Junior, three Foreign Language courses, Philosophy, Sociology, and one Humanities elective.

They will also need to fulfill the following program-related courses-Drawing I and II, Basic Design, Color Theory, Painting I, Art History I and II, Basic Photography, 3-D Design, Introduction to Digital Arts, Art Business Management, Computer Design I and II, Senior Exhibition, Art History III or African-American Art, and at least five additional program or art-related electives.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University in Shreveport offers magnificent programs in graphic design, art history, studio art and animation/visual effects, accredited with the Commission on Colleges. Prospective students can find out how to enroll to the university by phoning them at-318-797-5000 or by writing to the campus at-1 University Place, Shreveport, Louisiana, 71115. They can also find the enrollment procedures online at-

If students want to work towards a bachelor of arts degree in fine arts, they will need to complete many different general education and art-related classes. The general education classes that they will need to take are as follows-English Composition I and II, two Social and Behavioral Science courses, two Mathematics courses, three Natural Science courses, Communications, Philosophy elective, three History courses, two Fine Arts electives, and three Foreign Language courses.

The art-related classes that they must take are as follows-Learning Strategies for College Success, Basic Design, Color Theory, History of Renaissance to Contemporary Art, Watercolor I or Painter, Typography, History of Italian Renaissance Art, History of Baroque Art, History of 18th Century Art, History of Art and Architecture in North America, Intermediate Design, History of 19th Century European Art, Digital Art Photography, Seminar in Fine Arts, Acrylic Painting I, Independent Study, Music Appreciation elective, and at least three additional Free electives.

The University of Louisiana at Monroe

The University of Louisiana at Monroe, approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, offers many fantastic programs including art, art education, dance, music and theater. Those individuals, who would like to attend the university, can contact them at the following phone number-318-342-1376, or they can write to them at-700 University Avenue, Monroe, Louisiana, 71209. They can also find many answers to their inquiries online at-

If students wish to pursue a bachelor of fine arts degree in ceramics, they must complete the following basic education courses with at least a C-English I and II, three Humanities electives, two Mathematics courses, three Natural/Physical Science courses, two Social Science courses, University Capstone, and one extra basic education elective.

They must also take all of the following art-specific classes-Basic Design, 3D Design, Drawing, Figure Drawing, Art Survey I and II, Graphic Design, Photography, Beginning Painting, Sculpture, Advanced Drawing, 19th Century Art History, Contemporary Art History, Portfolio Preparation and Review I through III, Hand Building Ceramics, Wheel Throwing Ceramics, Advanced Ceramics I through IV, Studio Ceramics, Printmaking, and no less than four additional art-specific electives.

Exploring Other Art Institutions in Louisiana

  • Dillard University in New Orleans
  • Mcneese State University in Lake Charles
  • Louisiana College in Pineville
  • Louisiana Tech University in Ruston and Harvey
  • Northwestern State University of Louisiana in Natchitoches
  • Loyola University in New Orleans
  • Nicholls State University in Thibodaux
  • Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond

Proper Preparation For an Art Career in Louisiana

For those people in Louisiana, who want to begin careers in art, they will want to make sure that they are properly prepared for art school. Following are the steps that people should take to launch a fulfilling career in the field of art.

1. The first thing that people need to do, to begin their new career, is to select one of the terrific schools listed above and fill out and submit their application. They may need to pay a small application fee, and they will have to submit their high-school transcripts or other applicable transcripts along with their application.

2. The next thing they need to do is read the application requirements of the school of their choice. Depending upon the school that students may choose, they may have to submit such things as an art portfolio, a brief essay and a letter of recommendation along with their applications, as well. Performing arts students may need to audition before they can gain admittance to the school.

3. If the schools that students choose accept them, they will need to take various placement exams in such areas as English, writing and mathematics. They may also need to attend an orientation, an interview and a tour of the school.

4. After students complete steps one through three above, they will then need to purchase any supplies that they may need for their classes. Although the supplies that they will need may vary depending upon their program of choice, some basic supplies that many classes require include drawing supplies, painting supplies, a digital camera, a laptop, scissors, measuring tools, cutting tools, glue sticks, masking tape and a stapler.

5. After students complete their programs, but before they can graduate, they will need to complete either an art capstone, a thesis, an apprenticeship, an internship, a project or a combination of any of these. These particular requirements demonstrate what students have learned during their training.

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