Art Schools in Kansas

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For those people in Kansas, who want to begin a career in art, there are many fields they may choose to work within.

From becoming a freelance artist to working in a museum or gallery to designing websites or designing fashion apparel, there is a perfect career for anyone who loves art.

Following is a brief list of some of the fantastic schools in Kansas that offer programs for aspiring artists.

Schools of Art

Following are some of the best Art Schools in Kansas that offer Courses and Programs for Artists.

Art Institutes International/Kansas City

The Art Institutes International in Kansas City, accredited with the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, offers a broad range of magnificent programs for art majors. Some of the outstanding programs offered by the institute include baking and pastry arts, culinary arts, graphic design, interior design, advertising, fashion marketing, fashion retailing, digital filmmaking and video production, game art and design, photography, and web design. If people would like to learn about any of these programs or the many other sensational programs offered by the institute, they can read about them online at- They can also request information by calling the school’s general office at-913-217-4600 or by writing to the following address-8208 Melrose Drive, Lenexa, Kansas, 66214.

Students, who wish to attend the institute, will need to attend an interview with a school official and a tour of the facilities. They must also write a short essay describing why they chose their program, and how they want to apply their training to their long-term goals. While the school does not require portfolios for admissions purposes, they do welcome them.

Those students, who wish to earn their bachelor of arts degree in digital filmmaking and video production, must complete an intense curriculum comprised of many different general education and career preparation courses. The general education portion of the curriculum consists of the following courses-Computer Applications, English Composition, College Algebra, Humanities elective, Critical Thinking, Writing for Media, Speech, US History or World Civilizations, Career Development, Ethics, and six additional General Education electives.

The career preparation portion of the curriculum consists of the following courses-Fundamentals of Drawing, Tools/Technology and Terminology, Video Camera and Lighting Techniques, Image Manipulation, Introduction to Audio, Pre-Production, Principles of Photography, Conceptual Storytelling, Fundamentals of Editing, Fundamentals of Lighting, Intermediate Video Production, Digital Cinematogryphy, Directing Theory, Intermediate Editing, Acting and Movement, Advanced Lighting, Art History, Multi-Camera Production, Sound Design, Broadcast Graphics, Electronic Field Production, History of Film and Media, Storyboarding, Digital Design and Motion, Film Theory and Criticism, Media Business Law, Screenwriting, Advanced Editing, Documentary Production, Production Design, Short Form Media Production, Advanced Sound Design, Interactive Visual Design, Digital Audio and Video, Senior Project/Preproduction, Media Compositing, Senior Project/Production, Externship, Media Design Workshop, Media Delivery and Distribution, Portfolio Preparation, Senior Project/Postproduction, Senior Portfolio and Defense, and one additional program elective.

Baker University College of Arts and Sciences

Accredited with the Higher Learning Commission, Baker University College of Arts and Sciences offers many splendid art programs including art education, art history, studio art, music, music education, and theater. People, who would like to visit Baker, can schedule a tour by calling-785-594-6451 or by writing to the campus at-Post Office Box 65, Baldwin City, Kansas, 66006. They can also find essential information online at-

The admissions requirements for Baker are relatively easy, as prospective students need only submit an application, fee and transcripts. The school does suggest that new students meet with an admissions officer to discuss the student’s educational direction, and that new student’s attend an orientation. While letters of recommendation are not necessary, the school does welcome them.

Those students, who choose to major in art history, will need to take the following basic skills courses-Introduction to Liberal Studies, Self and Others, Human Values, First-Year Salon, Scientific Inquiry, Physical Science, Ideas and Expression, Arts or Culture elective, Global Culture and Community, Social/Political/Economic or Ecological Systems, Global Citizenship or Summit Salon, Written Communication, and Mathematics.

They will also need to take the following art-related courses-Visual Language, Survey of Art History, Writing About Art, Art History Senior Thesis, Prehistoric to Medieval Art, Renaissance to Rococo Art, The Birth of Modern Art, Art of the 20th Century and Beyond, six additional Art History electives, and at least four of the following courses-Drawing I, Painting I, Printmaking I, Ceramics/Hand Building, Ceramics/Wheel Throwing, Sculpture I, Digital Photography I, History of the US Since 1877, World Civilizations II through IV, Introduction to Fiction, Introduction to Poetry, Understanding Music, and Theater Experience.

Colleges and Universities

Below are some of the best Colleges for Art Courses, Classes, Programs, Degrees and Certifications available to the art student.

Allen Community College

Located in Iola and accredited with the Higher Learning Commission, Allen Community College offers several fascinating art programs including music, art and theater. If people would like to find out how to apply to Allen Community College, they can phone the information desk at-620-365-5116, or they may choose to write to the campus at-1801 North Cottonwood, Iola, Kansas, 66749. They can also find the application procedures online at-

For students to earn an associate of arts degree, they will need to complete the following general education requirements-First-Year Orientation, English Composition I and II, College Algebra, Health and Physical Education, Computer Science, three Social and Behavioral Science electives, Public Speaking, Natural Science with lab, Literature, and one History elective. They must also complete the following art-specific requirements-Art Appreciation, Drawing I and II, Design I, Painting I and II, Life Drawing, Digital Photography, Water Color, and Music Appreciation.

Bethel College

Bethel College, located in North Newton, offers extraordinary programs in art/painting, art/ceramics, art/photography, art/small metals and jewelry, and music, accredited with the Higher Learning Commission. Students, who would like to major in any of these areas, can call Bethel College at-316-283-2500, or they can visit them at the college’s website- They can also write to Bethel College at-300 East 27th Street, North Newton, Kansas, 67117.

Students, who want to major in art with a concentration in painting, must complete the following basic education course work-Biology or Chemistry, two Mathematics courses, Social Science, Human Services, two Arts or Humanities electives, Critical Writing, Public Speaking, two Foreign Language electives, Fundamentals of Study Skills, and Fundamentals of English.

They will also need to complete the following art-oriented course work-Drawing, Sculpture, Studio Fundamentals, Advanced Drawing, Art Seminar, Senior Art Exhibit, Art History I and II, Selected Topics in Art History, Painting, Intermediate Painting, and Advanced Painting.

Butler Community College

Butler Community College, located in El Dorado and accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education, has several unique programs for aspiring artists including art, dance, digital media, fine arts, interactive 3D technology, music, theater, and visual arts. If people would like complete details pertaining to any of these programs, they can view them online at- They can also find out anything they may want to know by calling the college at-316-321-2222 or by writing to them at-901 South Haverhill Road, El Dorado, Kansas, 67042.

Students, who choose to pursue the associate of arts degree in visual arts, will need to take the following basic education classes to earn their degree-English Composition I and II, Principles of Speech, Physical Education, Mathematics, three Behavioral/Social Science electives, Natural Science, and two Humanities or Fine Arts electives. They must also take the following art-specific classes to earn their associate’s degree-Drawing and Composition I and II, Design I and II, Art Appreciation, Life Drawing, and at least five additional art-specific electives.

Cowley College

Cowley College in Arkansas City, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, offers many different programs for prospective artists, including music, theater, art, computer animation and game development, graphic design, and web design. Those people in the Arkansas City area, who would like to find out how to apply to Cowley College, can call them at-620-442-0430 or write to them at the following address-125 South Second Street, Arkansas City, Kansas, 67005. They can also find the application procedures online at-

Students, who wish to pursue an associate of science degree in graphic design, must pass all of the following basic skills courses with at least a C-Composition I, Principles of Sociology or General Psychology, Public Speaking, Introduction to Computer Graphics, and Computer Literacy.

They must also pass all of the following program-specific courses with at least a C-Art History I and II, Graphic Design I and II, Foundation Drawing I, Foundation Design I, Beginning Web Design, Visual Communication, Digital Photography, Typography, Introduction to Digital Imaging or Introduction to Computer Illustration, Design Portfolio, and at least four of the following courses-Page Layout Software, Web Multimedia and Animation, Cascading Style Sheets, Dreamweaver, E-Commerce, Mass Media and Society, Newspaper Production I, Foundation Drawing II, and Work Keys Assessment.

Emporia State University

Located in Emporia and accredited with the Northcentral Association, Emporia State University offers first-class programs in music, theater, ceramics, glass, graphic design, engraved arts, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. For people to find out about any of these programs, they can visit Emporia State online at- They can also request program brochures by calling-620-341-5278 or by writing to-1200 Commercial Street, Emporia, Kansas, 66801.

For students to earn a bachelor of fine arts degree in ceramics, they must complete the following general education curriculum-English Composition I and II, First-Year Experience, Interpersonal Communication or Public Speaking, Principles of Mathematics or College Algebra, one History course, Introduction to Literature of Introduction to Philosophy, three Social and Behavioral Science courses, one Multicultural Experience course, General Biology and lab, one Physical Science course, Physical Education, and Applied Science.

They must also complete the following program-specific curriculum-Art History I and II, Music Appreciation or Art Appreciation, Basic Drawing, Two-Dimensional Design, Three-Dimensional Design, Life Drawing, Sculpture I and II, 20th Century Art History/1880 to 1945 or Art Since 1945, four Art Forum courses, Mid-Program Portfolio Review, Ceramics I and II, Projects in Ceramics, Advanced Studio/Ceramics, Advanced Drawing, Painting I, Printmaking I, and at least seven additional art-related electives.

Fort Scott Community College

Fort Scott Community College in Fort Scott offers incredible programs in art, music and theater, accredited with the Higher Learning Commission. If people would like to learn how to apply to Fort Scott, they can check out the college’s website at- They can also obtain information by calling the school at-620-223-2700 or by writing to them at-2108 South Horton, Fort Scott, Kansas, 66701.

Those students, pursuing an associate of arts degree, will need to complete several basic education courses as follows-Composition I and II, College Algebra, Physical or Biological Science and lab, Lifetime Fitness, US History I, one Humanities elective, Public Speaking, American Government, General Psychology, Sociology, Introduction to Computer Science, and Geography or Women’s Studies or Spanish. They will also need to complete several art-related courses as follows-Art Appreciation, Drawing and Composition I and II, Crafts I and II, Ceramics I, and Art History.

Exploring the Many Art Schools in Kansas

The above schools are just a few of the many schools in Kansas that offer spectacular art programs for aspiring artists. There are many other top-notch facilities in the state for art majors to explore, as well. Some of these other institutions are listed below.

  • Bethany College in Lindsborg
  • Wichata State University in Wichata
  • Fort Hays State University in Hays
  • Washburn University in Topeka
  • Independence Community College-Independence
  • University of Saint Mary-Leavenworth
  • Kansas State University-Manhatten

Essential Information for Art Students in Kansas

1. What Will New Students Need for Admissions?

The admissions requirements for art schools vary depending upon the art school that students choose to apply to. However, there are some common requirements among many schools. Some of these requirements include an admissions application, transcripts, placement tests, portfolios/auditions, letter/s of recommendation, work/volunteer experience, orientation or tour, interview, and an essay.

2. Will New Students Need Any Supplies for Art School?

Students may also need to possess various basic art supplies depending upon the school and the program they choose. Some of the supplies they may need to have are drawing pads, drawing utensils, erasers and sharpeners, measuring tools, basic painting supplies, a digital camera, cutting tools, a stapler, masking tape, and glue sticks.

3. Are There Any Special Graduation Requirements For Art Schools?

Just as admissions requirements vary among art schools, so do graduation requirements. However, before students can graduate from an art program, they will typically need to complete one or more of the following requirements-an Art Capstone, a Junior or Senior Project, a Junior or Senior Thesis, an Internship or Externship, and an Apprenticeship.

4. How Does One Complete An Art Capstone?

There are several different ways that students can complete an art capstone. The most common ways that students complete this requirement are through research projects or papers, essays, art projects, portfolios, presentations, and exhibitions.

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