Art Schools in Idaho

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It is a sad fact, today, that many people in Idaho work within jobs that do not satisfy them.

However, for those people who have talents in art, there are many fun and exciting employment fields for them to choose among.

From illustration and painting to graphic design and game design, there is something for everyone with a creative mind.

There are also many educational facilities to choose among, and following are some of the best art schools available in the state of Idaho.

Idaho Schools of Art

Below are some of the biggest Art Schools in Idaho for aspiring Artists.

Makart’s Gallery

Makart’s Gallery, located in Coeur d’Alene and member of the Idaho Watercolor Society, offers several astounding art classes for people who have a love for art. If people would like to learn about all of the unique classes offered by the gallery, they can contact them at-208-667-6669 or write to them at-Post Office Box 2953, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, 83816. They can also visit the gallery’s website at-

While the classes offered by the gallery vary depending upon the time of the year, some typical class offerings are as follows-50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship, The Elements and Principles of Design, Value Patterns, The Color Wheel, Color Schemes, The Golden Mean, A Simple Approach to Good Design, The Elements of Design, Using a Finder and Grids, The Principles of Design, Makart Watercolor Workshop, Makart Art Work Photography, and Watercolor Painting Materials List.

Idaho Arts Charter School

For grades K through 12, Idaho Arts Charter School in Nampa, accredited with the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, offers outstanding education in both liberal arts and fine arts, as well. Those people, who would like to learn all about the school and its curriculum, can contact them at-208-463-4324, or they can check out the school’s website at- They may also choose to write to the school at the following address-1220 5th Street North, Nampa, Idaho, 83687.

Some of the liberal arts areas of study include English, Mathematics, Reading, Introduction to Spanish, Spanish I and II, Science and Social Studies. Some of the school’s excellent courses include Nursery Rhymes, Calendar/Traditions and Me, Animals and Insects, Fairy Tales and Fables, Family Traditions, Poetry, Weather, Beverly Cleary on Friendship, Native Americans/Lewis and Clark, Oregon Trail, Solar System, American Revolution, Our Earth, Fantasy, Water, Revolution/Reaction and Reform, Speech, Shakespeare, Pre-Algebra, Resource Algebra, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Consumer Math, Statistics, Introduction to Business, Study Skills, Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Integrated Science, Health, Chemistry, Global Perspectives, American Government, and US History.

Following are some of the superb fine arts classes that the school offers-Middle School Art, Art I/Drawing, Junior High Dance, Studio Art, Dance I through III, Art II/Advanced Visual, Dance Theory, Platinum Dance Company, Art History, Drama/Grades Seven and Eight, Jazz Band, Drama I and II, Stage Craft and Video/Grades Nine through Twelve, High School Band, Bella Voce/Choir, Choir/Exultate, Choir/Jubilate, Piano, MS Advanced Concert Band, Beginning Orchestra, Fifth Grade Beginning Band, Arconautics Orchestra, Beginning/Intermediate Band, and Chamber Orchestra.


ArtsWest, located in Eagle and accredited with the Northwest Accreditation Commission, is a secondary school that focuses on liberal arts education, as well as fine arts. Prospective students can contact the school’s main office at-208-938-5410, or they can visit ArtsWest’s website at- They may also write to the school at-3300 West State Street, Eagle, Idaho, 83616.

Students at ArtsWest will take several liberal arts courses in the following areas-English, Mathematics/Pre-Algebra I and II, Mathematics/Algebra I and II, Mathematics/Geometry, Mathematics/Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus, Mathematics/AP Calculus, Science and Social Studies/United States History, Social Studies/Economics, and Social Studies/Government.

Following are some of the terrific fine arts classes offered at ArtsWest-Classical Music, Dance Techniques, Dance for Majors, Jazz Music, Music Composition, Art Enrichment, and Visual Arts. Some of the areas of study include the following-Songwriting, Digital Photography, Creative Writing, Theater Arts, Jazz and Classical Piano, Choir, Drawing, Guitar, Color Theory, String Bass, Still-Life, Landscapes, Portraits, Figure Drawing, Portfolio, Drums, Jazz Theory, Jazz History, Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Contemporary Voice, Hip-Hop, Classical Strings and Woodwinds, Ballroom Dancing, and Dance History.

Boise Art Museum

Located in Boise and accredited with the American Association of Museums, the Boise Art Museum offers several delightful art classes for people of any age group. If people would like to find out about the current class offerings at the museum, they can contact them at-208-345-8330, or they can visit the Boise Art Museum’s website at- They can also request information by writing to-670 Julia Davis Drive, Boise, Idaho, 83702.

While the classes offered at the museum vary depending upon availability, some typical classes are as follows-Holiday Card Workshops, Family Story Night/Tall Tales and Adventures, Studio Art Exploration, Art Talk, Toddler Wednesday, Family Art Saturday, Sunday Demonstrations, First Sunday Art Tour, Especially for Seniors, Art Break, Weekend Workshop/Drawing from the Collection, What is That?/Tips for Talking About Art With Children, Are You Really Looking?/Tools for a Fearless Art Experience, Experimenting with Watercolor/Beginning, Experimenting with Watercolor/Advanced, The Art of the Brush, BAM Teen Night, Artist Statement Workshop, High-School Portfolio Review, Teen Volunteer Program, Studio Art Classes for Children, and Art Camps.

Idaho Art Lab

Located in Saint Anthony and approved by the Upper Valley Art Guild, the Idaho Art Lab offers a variety of fascinating art classes for individuals of any age. Those people, who wish to attend any of the delightful classes at the lab, can contact them at-208-932-0893, or they can choose to write to the lab at-7 North Bridge Street, Saint Anthony, Idaho, 83445. They can also register online at-

While the available classes at the lab vary, some typical classes that they offer are as follows-Drawing for Beginners, Intermediate Drawing, Advanced Drawing, Special Needs Drawing, Family Activity Night, Cartooning and Bookbinding, Cartoon Animation for Beginners, Glass Ornament Workshop, Express Your Creativity with Charcoals and Pastels, Card Tricks for Beginners, Ceramics and Pottery, Screenprinting, Photography, and a Mobile Art Lab.

Colleges and Universities in Idaho

Below are some of the most popular Colleges in Idaho for Art Classes, Courses, Programs and Degrees.

The College of Idaho

Located in Caldwell and accredited by the Northwest Association on Schools and Colleges, the College of Idaho has superior programs in theater, music and fine arts. If people would like to find out about the admissions prerequisites of the college, they can phone them at-208-459-5011, or they can visit the college website They may also write to the campus’s administration building at-2112 Cleveland Blvd., Caldwell, Idaho, 83605.

Those students, who choose to major in art, will need to take a variety of liberal arts and art-related courses. The liberal arts courses that they must take are as follows-Mathematics, Social Science, Philosophy/Religion, First-Year Seminar, Fine Arts, Literature, Foreign Language, Natural Science, History, Pre-Modern Civilization, Writing, and Cultural Diversity.

The art-related course work that they will need to complete is as follows-Drawing Composition, Introduction to Design, Figure Drawing, Senior Exhibition, Professional Practices in the Visual Arts, Ceramics or Sculpture, at least one 2-D Media elective, at least two Advanced Art Studies electives, Ancient to Medieval Art or Renaissance to Modern Art, and at least one additional Art History elective from the following list-Picasso and 20th Century Art, Art of the Romantic Era, Modern Art-1850 to 1940, Modern Art After 1940, and Auguste Rodin and Modern Sculpture.

Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University in Rexburg has quality programs in art, dance, interior design, music and theater, all accredited by the Northwest Commission for Colleges and Universities. Those individuals, who would like to attend the university, can call them at-208-496-1411 or write to them at the 525 block of South Center Street in Rexburg, Idaho, 83460. They can also find the enrollment procedures online at-

Those students, whom wish to pursue a bachelor of fine arts degree in illustration, will need to fulfill the following general education requirements-English I and II, one Mathematics course, History elective or Political Science elective, two Fine Arts electives, Biological and Physical Science courses and one lab, Social Science, two Foreign Language courses (same language), Literature elective, Book of Mormon I and II, and three additional Religion electives.

They will also need to fulfill the following program-specific requirements-Introduction to the Visual Arts, Drawing I, Design and Color, Media Experimentation, Introduction to Graphic Design or Photography I or Introduction to Illustration (recommended), Art History I and II, Head Drawing or Figure Drawing, Ceramics I or Sculpture I, Oil Painting I or Watercolor I or Printmaking I, four Art Seminar courses, Travel Study in the Arts or Internship in the Arts, two BFA Final Project/Illustration courses, Readings, at least five Art-Related electives, at least one additional Art History elective, and at least six additional electives in Illustration.

College of Southern Idaho

Locaated in Twin Falls, The College of Southern Idaho offers quality programs in art, culinary arts, commercial art, music, photography and theater, all accredited with the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. If people would like to learn about the full details pertaining to any of these programs, they can read about them on the college’s website at- They can also obtain information by phone at-208-733-9554 or by writing to the campus at-315 Falls Avenue, Post Office Box 1238, Twin Falls, Idaho, 83303.

Students, who wish to earn an associate of arts degree, will need to take a variety of general education and art-related courses to earn their degrees. Following are the general education classes that they will need to take-Fundamentals of Oral Communication, English Composition I and II, Mathematics, two Science courses, two Social Science electives, Computer Literacy, Health and Wellness, and one additional General Education elective.

The art-related classes that students will need to take are the following classes-Art History I and II, Design I and II, Drawing I and II, Painting I and II, Intermediate Drawing/The Figure, Intermediate Drawing II, Intermediate Painting I and II, and Art Portfolio. The college recommends that students also take the following courses-Ceramics I, Photography Darkroom, Digital Photography I, Introduction to Printmaking I, Digital Design, and Sculpture I.

Idaho State University

Located in Pocatello and accredited with the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, Idaho State University has phenomenal programs in art history, studio art, art education, theater/film and video, music education, and theater. Those persons, who would like to apply to Idaho State, can find out how by calling-208-282-0211 or by writing to their mailing address-921 South 8th Avenue, Pocatello, Idaho, 83209. They can also find the admissions process online at-

If students choose to pursue a bachelor of fine arts degree in art education, they will need to take the following basic skills classes-English Composition, Literature elective, two Mathematics courses, two Natural Science courses and one lab, two Social Science electives, one Humanities elective, one Foreign Language course, and one additional Basic Skills elective.

They must also take the following art-related and education-related courses-Survey of Art, History of Western Art I and II, Creative Process I and II, Drawing I and II, Intermediate Drawing, Introduction to Printmaking, Introduction to Painting and Composition, Introduction to Metals/Jewelry, Introduction to Weaving, Introduction to Ceramics, Introduction to Sculpture, Anatomy/Drawing and Painting, Professional Practice and Display, Senior Presentation, at least six Upper-Level Studio Art electives, at least two additional Art History electives, at least two additional Art-Related electives (studio or non-studio), Development and Individual Differences, Families/Community and Culture, Preparing to Teach with Technology, Inquiring/Thinking and Knowing, Motivation and Management, Instructional Planning/Delivery and Assessment, Instructional Technology, Creating Inclusive Classrooms, Content-Area Literacy, and Student Teaching Internship.

Additional Educational for Art Majors in Idaho

  • Albertson College of Idaho-Caldwell
  • University of Idaho-Moscow
  • Boise State University-Boise
  • Northwest Nazarene University-Nampa
  • North Idaho College-Coeur Dalene

Common Entrance Requirements of Art Schools in Idaho

  • Satisfactory SAT/ACT Exam Scores
  • Standard Applications and Fees
  • High-School and Other Transcripts
  • College Placement Exams
  • Portfolios or Auditions
  • Essays and Letters of Recommendation
  • Orientations/Tours and Interviews

Program Completion Requirements for Art Schools

  • Internships or Apprenticeships
  • Art Capstones
  • Junior/Senior Art Projects
  • Junior/Senior Thesis’

Supplies Necessary for Art Schools in Idaho

  • Laptop and a Digital Camera
  • Drawing Supplies
  • Painting Supplies
  • Measuring Tools
  • Cutting Tools
  • Staple Gun
  • Glue Sticks and Masking Tape

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