Art Schools in Hawaii

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Art-related jobs in Hawaii are extremely popular, especially with today’s modern technology.

There are many fields of art that people may choose to work within and many sectors, as well.

People in Hawaii, who want to begin careers in art, can choose to become such things as fashion designers, game developers, interior designers, web designers, sculptors, painters or illustrators.

However, before they begin their new and exciting careers, they need to train at one of the top art schools listed below.

Hawaii Schools of Art

Below are some of the best Art Schools for Art Classes and Courses in Hawaii.

Honolulu Academy of the Arts

Accredited by the American Association of Museums, Honolulu Academy of the Arts offers a delightful variety of art classes and tours for people of all age groups. Those people, who would like to learn about all that the academy offers, can phone them at-808-532-8700 or write to their mailing address at-900 South Beretania, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96814. They can also find class listings online at-

While there are too many classes, offered at the academy, to list here, following is a sample of the unique adult classes that the academy offers-Drawing, Basic Drawing, Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy, Watercolor, Beginning Watercolor, Painting I and II, Oil Painting, Pastel Portraits, Life Drawing Studio, Figure Drawing, Fiber Arts, Weaving I and II, Basketry, Glass Fusion/The Basics and Beyond, Screen Printing, Lithography/The Art of Drawing and Painting on Stone, Ceramics, Hand Building, Creative Clay, Basic Jewelry, Introduction to Jewelry Fabrication, Jewelry II, and Advanced Jewelry Casting.

A sample of their fascinating children’s classes is as follows-Parent/Child Ceramics Ages 5 and up, Ceramics/Grades 3-5, Ceramics/Grades 6-12, Drawing and Painting/Grades 5-7, Drawing and Painting/Grades 8-12, Cartooning/Grades 4-7, Exploring Art/Grade K, Exploring Art/Grades 1-2, Exploring Art/Grades 3-4, and Parent and Child Exploring Art/Ages 3-5.

Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center

Located in Makawao and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center offers a vast array of art classes for both young people and adults. If people would like to obtain the current class schedule at the center, they can call them at-808-572-6560 or write to them at-2841 Baldwin Avenue, Makawao, Hawaii, 96768. They can also visit Hui No’eau online at-

While class availability varies, following are some typical adult classes offered at the center-Hand Building with Soft Slabs and Textures, Beginning Ceramics, Wheel and Hand/Continuing in Clay, Firing Workshop, Fire in the Pit, Colors in Clay, Introduction to Adobe Photoshop, Surreal Photo Studio, Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Part II, Design Your Own Textile, Realistic Portrait Drawing Techniques, Beginning Drawing, Portraiture in Fiber/Collage and Print, Picture Making with Wool Fleece, Introduction to Wet Felting, Quick Jewelry-Hoops/Bangles and Rings, Jewelry with Shells, Beginning Jewelry, Waxing and Casting, Jewelry Construction, Jewelry from Wire Workshop, Intermediate Jewelry, Painting Luminous Watercolors, Introduction to Encaustic Painting, Intermediate/Advanced Encaustic Painting, Abstract Oil Painting, Introduction to Acrylic Painting, Plein Air Pastel I and II, Digital Photography, Natural Light Portraiture, Introduction to Silkscreen Printing, and Intermediate Silkscreen Printing Workshop.

Following are some of the exceptional children’s classes offered at the center-Explore and Discover, Teen Jewelry Open Studio, The Decorative Art of Marbled Paper, Jewelry Making I for Teens, Music Inspired Images/A Digital Photography Course for Teens, Tiny Hands/Ages 2-5, Hand Building and Wheelthrowing/Ages 10 and up, Claymazing!/Hand Building in Clay/Ages 5 and up, Winter Camp/Ages 5-8, Winter Camp/Ages 9-12, Spring Camp/Ages 5-8, and Spring Camp/Ages 9-12.

Ballet Hawaii

Located in Honolulu and accredited with the Better Business Bureau, Ballet Hawaii has some of the best ballet classes anywhere. If people would like to find out how to enroll within Ballet Hawaii, they can call the institution at-808-521-8600 or write to them at-777 South Hotel Street, Suite 101, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813. They can also read all about the school and its training online at-

Following are some of the remarkable classes for children offered by Ballet Hawaii-Creative Dance I/Ages 4 and 5, Creative Dance II and III, Pre-Ballet I/Ages 5 and 6, Pre-Ballet II and III, Ballet IA/Ages 6 and up, Ballet IB and C, Tweens and Teens, Boy’s Ballet, Teen Contemporary, Creative Movement, Musical Theater I and II, Ballet IIA and B, and Ballet III through VII.

Some of the fantastic classes offered for adults are as follows-Ballet Basics, Adult Beginning Ballet, Intermediate Adult Ballet, Advanced Adult Ballet, Men’s Ballet, Zumba, Movement/Stretch and Toning, Street Jamz Workout, Coreography, and Yoga.

Colleges and Universities in Hawaii

Below are some of the best Colleges for Art Students!

Brigham Young University/Hawaii

Located in Laie and accredited with the Western Association of Colleges and Schools, Brigham Young University/Hawaii offers terrific programs in graphic design, fine arts, art education, music and theater. If people would like to learn additional information pertaining to any of these programs, they can contact the university at-808-675-3211, or they may write to the following address-55-220 Kulanui Street, Laie, Hawaii, 96762. There is also valuable information online at-

If students want to earn a bachelor of fine arts degree in ceramics/sculpture, they will need to take all of the following basic education classes-Statistics or Calculus, Communication in Writing/Reading and Speaking, Fitness for Living or Fitness and Lifestyle Management, Introduction to University Life I and II, Personal Productivity with IS Technology, Literary Analysis and Research, one Artistic Expression elective, Music Theory, Introduction to Biology or General Biology, one Physical Science elective, one Human Environment elective, History of Civilizations to 1500, History of Civilizations Since 1500, one Advanced Writing elective, Interdisciplinary Studies, two Book of Mormon courses, one Doctrine and Covenants course, one New Testament course, and two additional Religion electives.

They must also take all of the following art-oriented classes-Drawing Concepts, Beginning Visual Design, Digital Media Survey, Beginning Digital Photography, Beginning Ceramics, Beginning Sculpture, Western Art History, Contemporary Art, Special Topics in World Art, Readings in Aesthetics, Intermediate Ceramics, Intermediate Sculpture, Advanced Ceramics, Advanced Sculpture, Printmaking (or other approved elective), Artist Exhibit Production, and Artist Portfolio Production.

University of Hawaii at Hilo

The University of Hawaii at Hilo, accredited with the Western Association for Schools and Colleges, has superb programs in studio art, dance, drama and music. Those people, who would like to learn the admissions requirements of the university, can phone the school at-808-974-7414 or write to them at-200 West Kawili Street, Hilo, Hawaii, 96720. They can also find the admissions process online at-

For students to earn a bachelor of art degree in studio arts, they will need to take the following liberal arts course work-Composition, Language Arts, two Quantitative Reasoning courses, two World Cultures electives, two Humanities electives, two Social Science courses, two Natural Science courses and one lab, Global and Community Citizenship, one additional Writing elective, and Hawaii Pan-Pacific/History.

They must also complete the following visual art course work-Introduction to Visual Arts, Beginning Drawing I and II Studios, 2-Dimensional Design/Studio, 3-Dimensional Design/Studio, Aspects of Western Art, Aspects of Asian Art, and at least two of the following classes-Renaissance and Baroque, Modern Art, Christianity and the Arts, Art of China, Art of Japan, Religious Arts of East Asia, and Seminar in Contemporary Art. Students must also complete at least six of the following studio art courses-Intermediate Drawing, Advanced Drawing, Intermediate Painting, Advanced Painting, Printmaking/Intaglio, Printmaking/Lithography, Advanced Printmaking/Intaglio, and Advanced Printmaking Seminar.

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Also accredited with the Western Association for Schools and Colleges, the University of Hawaii at Manoa offers splendid programs in art history, studio art, theater and dance, and music. Prospective students can contact the school for additional information at-808-956-8111, or they can write to the university’s mailing address at-the 2500 block of Campus Road in Honolulu, Hawaii, 96822. They can also find the programs online at-

For students to earn a bachelor of arts degree in history, they must complete a curriculum of several general education and art-related course work. Following are the general education courses in the curriculum-two Global and Multicultural Perspectives courses, Symbolic Reasoning, Written Communication, two Arts/Humanities or Literature courses, two Social Science courses, Contemporary Ethical Issues, Hawaiian/Asian and Pacific Issues, Oral Communication, one additional Writing elective, Hawaiian or Second Language, Biological Science, Physical Science, and one lab.

The art-related courses included in the curriculum are as follows-three Studio Art electives and at least five of the following courses-Survey of Global Art I and/or II, Art of the 19th Century, Theory and Criticism of Art, Medieval Art, Art and Culture of Late China, Art of Africa/Pacific and North America, Art of Greece and Rome, Art Historical Methodology, Later Art of Japan, History of Photography, Art of Korea, Renaissance Art, Art and Culture of Early China, Baroque and Rococo Art, Art of the United States, Early Art of Japan, and Art of the First Half of the 20th Century.

Students must also take at least six of the following classes-Art Since the Middle of the 20th Century, Art of the Pacific, Art of Tribal Africa, Representing Identity in Contemporary Art, Art of Hawaii, Applied Art of Japan, Photography/Critical Issues, Traditional Chinese Painting, History of Modern Design, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art, Special Topics in Southeast Asia Art History, Art of Southeast Asia, Art and Architecture of South Asia, Art of Islam, Art of Oceania, Chinese Sculpture and Applied Arts, Interdisciplinary Seminar, Topics in the History of Cinema, Seminar in Western Art History, Seminar in Japanese Art, Seminar in South/Southeast Asian Art History, and Orientalism and Visual Culture.

Admissions and Requirements for Art Schools

While all art schools have their own unique admissions and graduation requirements, there are many requirements that are common to most all of them. Following are some of these requirements.

1. Admissions

  • ACT/SAT Scores
  • Placement Exams
  • Transcripts
  • Applications and Fees
  • Portfolios or Auditions
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Orientation or Tour
  • Interview
  • Essay

2. Graduation

  • Apprenticeship or Internship
  • Art Capstone
  • Junior or Senior Project
  • Junior or Senior Thesis

3. Supplies

  • Drawing Pads and Utensils
  • Basic Painting Supplies
  • Staple Gun
  • Digital Camera
  • Laptop
  • Masking Tape
  • Glue Sticks
  • Cutting Tools
  • Measuring Tools

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