Art Schools in Florida

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Careers in art are truly fulfilling and creative fields that have become quite popular today.

However, for people to become highly successful in an art career, they must be not only dedicated and creative, but they must acquire some technical knowledge of the field, as well.

Following are some of the best schools in Florida that offer outstanding art programs for aspiring artists.

Rollins College

Located in Winter Park, Rollins College offers several top-notch art programs, accredited with the Commission on Colleges. Some of the exemplary programs they offer include art history, studio art, music, theater, and dance. Those persons, who would like to learn about any of these programs, can read about them on Rollins’ website They may also phone Rollins at-407-646-2000 or write to them at-1000 Holt Avenue, Winter Park, Florida, 32789.

Students, who choose to earn their bachelor’s degrees in studio art, will need to complete the following general education courses as part of the program-Non-Western Cultures, Western Society and Culture, Foreign Language, Literature, Organic Science with lab, Physical Science with lab, Quantitative Reasoning, Contemporary American Society, Ethics, Writing/Communication, and three Physical Education electives.

They must also complete the following art-oriented courses to earn their degrees-Introduction to Art History I and II, Contemporary Art and Theory, Two-Dimensional Foundations, Three-Dimensional Foundations, Drawing and Composition, Senior Studio, Senior Seminar, Junior Portfolio, two Intermediate Studio courses, two Advanced Studio courses, Introduction to Digital Media, Introduction to Video Art, Graphic Design I and II, Photography II, and Digital and Mixed Media Printmaking.

The University of West Florida

Accredited by the Southern Associaton of Colleges and Schools, The University of West Florida, located in Pensacola, offers several sensational art-related programs for prospective artists. Some of the programs they offer are fine arts, art history, music, graphic design, studio art, and digital art. Those people, who would like full details pertaining to these programs, can read about them on the university’s website at- They can also obtain useful information by calling-850-474-2000 or by writing to-11000 University Parkway, Pensacola, Florida, 32514.

Students, who want to earn their bachelor’s degrees in studio art, will need to fulfill the following general education requirements-two Communications courses, two Mathematics courses, three Social Science courses, three Humanities courses, two Natural Science courses (one with lab), English, Diversity, and Foreign Language.

They must also fulfill the following program-specific requirements-Western Survey II/Baroque to Contemporary, Drawing I and II Fundamentals, Three-Dimensional Design, Painting I Fundamentals, Fundamentals of Sculpture, Perspectives in Ancient and World Art, Advanced Ideas and Concepts, Drawing III The Figure, Western Survey I/Greek Ranaissance, Modern Art 1900 to 1950 or Art After 1950, Aesthetics and Critical Theory or History of Art Seminar or Philosophy of Art, Two Dimensional Design, and nine additional art-related electives.

University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida in Orlando, accredited by the Commission on Colleges, offers many different astonishing art programs including music, theater, visual arts, art history, studio art and photography. For students to find out how to enroll within the university, they can phone the main desk at-407-823-2000, or they may write to the university at-4000 Central Florida Blvd., Orlando, Florida, 32816. They can also find out how to apply by visiting the school’s website at-

Those students, who want to earn their bachelor’s of fine arts degrees in studio arts/drawing and illustration, will need to take several basic education and program-oriented courses to earn their degrees. The basic education courses that they will need to take are as follows-three Communication courses, History of Western Art I and II, Basic Statistics Using Microsoft, Finite Mathematics or Exploration of Mathematics, Humanities, two Social Science courses, and two Science courses.

The program-oriented courses that students must take are as follows-Design Fundamentals/Two Dimensional and Three Dimensional, Drawing Fundamentals I and II, History of Western Art I and II, Introduction to Computer Art, History of Non-Western Art, Art as Interface, Introduction to Computer Art, Portfolio Review, Intermediate Drawing, Advanced Drawing, Screenprinting, Advanced Screenprinting, Intermediate Illustration, Advanced Illustration, Independent Study or Practicum or Internship, and nine additional art electives.

University of Florida

The University of Florida in Gainesville, accredited with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, offers many unique art programs including music, theater, dance, art education, art history, ceramics, photography, drawing, graphic design, painting and sculpture. Those individuals, who would like to find out the application procedures of the university, can find out by calling the school at-352-392-3261. They can also find out the procedures by visiting the school online at- or by writing to them at-1600 Southwest Archer Road, Gainesville, Florida, 32611.

Students, who choose to work for their bachelor’s of fine arts in painting, must complete several basic education courses as follows-Composition, four Social and Behavioral Science courses, two Mathematics courses, three Physical or Biological Science courses, International World History, Diversity, Writing, and Humanities.

They will also need to complete the following art-related courses-WARP Lecture, WARP Studio, WIFT Digital Bootcamp, Perceptual Drawing, Painting in Black and White 2D, 3D Drawing, Introduction to Art History I, Painting in Color, Visual Literacy, four Studio courses, Art History II, Observational Painting, 4D Art, Figure Painting, Experimental Painting, Interdisciplinary Studio, Painting/Structure and Transition, Projects in Painting, Art History, Advanced Painting I and II, Senior Project, and at least two additional art electives.

Schools of Art

Below are some of the best Art Schools in the state of Florida.

The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

Accredited with the Accrediting Council on Independent Colleges and Schools, The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale offers a vast array of art programs for aspiring artists. A sample of the programs that they offer includes graphic design, interior design, illustration, game art and design, culinary arts, photography, and web design. Those people in the Fort Lauderdale district, who would like to attend the institute, can phone them at-954-463-3000, or they may choose to write to them at-1799 Southeast 17th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33316. They can also find valuable information on the institute’s website at-

All students must have access to computers outside of the classroom and have basic computer knowledge, as well. In addition, some of the programs, particularly the illustration and design programs, require students to submit a portfolio before they can gain entry into the institute. Portfolios should ideally contain 15 to 20 sketches, drawings or images of recent works of art. At least half of the pieces of art should be human bodies and/or faces.

Those students, who choose to enroll in the associate’s degree fashion design program, will need to take the following basic education courses to earn their degrees-Fundamentals of Biological Science or approved elective, Computer Science, English Composition, Topics for Composition, General College Mathematics or College Algebra or Discrete Mathematics, Introduction to Psychology, Interpersonal Communications or Principles of Public Speaking or Team Effectiveness, and Ancient and Medieval Civilizations or Modern and Post-Modern Civilizations.

They will also need to complete the following program-specific classes-Art Appreciation, Fundamentals of Apparel Construction, Fundamentals of Apparel Textiles, Fashion History, Fashion Digital Design Fundamentals, Technical Drawing for Fashion, Fashion Illustration, Fundamentals of Apparel Patternmaking, Apparel Pattern Details, Manufacturing Apparel Concepts, Children’s Wear, Textile and Apparel Design, Fashion Design Studio, Fashion Product Development, Swimwear Design, Computerized Apparel Pattern Systems, Computerized Apparel Patternmaking, Computer Fashion Design, Fashion Design Portfolio, Fashion Business Management Practices, and Professional Development.

The Art Institute of Tampa

Accredited with the Commission on Colleges, The Art Institute of Tampa offers a variety of art programs for those people, who want to work in the field. Some of the remarkable programs that the institute offers are as follows-computer animation, fashion design, illustration, accessory design, graphic design, culinary arts, game art and design, and photography. Those persons, who would like to study within the institute, can phone them at-813-873-2112 or write to them at-4401 North Himes Avenue, Suite 150, Tampa, Florida, 33614. They can also request information on the institute’s website-

As part of the admissions process, applicants must meet with an admissions officer to discuss their career paths and goals. They must also submit an essay along with their applications. Depending upon the program that students choose to enroll in, they will also need to submit a portfolio of their most recent works of art. Portfolios can include such things as sketches, drawings, writings and journals.

Students, working towards their associate’s degrees in accessory design, will need to take the following basic skills courses-History of Western Art I, Computer Concepts and 2D Applications, English Composition I and II, Social/Behavioral Science, and College Algebra.

They will also need to take the following career-oriented classes-Fashion Illustration I, Fashion Trends I through III, Jewelry Design I and II, Fashion Illustration for Jewelry Design, Gemology, Pattern Making and Construction Techniques for Accessory Design, Leathers and Materials in Accessory Design, Illustration for Footwear Design, Footwear Design, Footwear Design and Construction, Image Design with Digital Technology, Belt Design, Handbag Design, Fashion Illustration for Belts/Hats and Handbags, Handbag Design and Construction, Hat Design, Portfolio, Collection, and Entrepreneurship for Designers.

The Art Institute of Jacksonville

The Art Institute of Jacksonville, accredited with the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, has several fine art programs for prospective artists including illustration, culinary arts, computer animation, graphic design, web design, photography, and game art and design. Those students, who would like to learn additional information regarding the school and its programs, can visit the institute’s website They can also request information by calling-904-486-3000 or by writing to-8775 Baypine Road, Jacksonville, Florida, 32256.

For students to gain admittance to the institute, they must meet with an adviser to discuss the students desired career path. They will also need to submit an essay with their applications; and, depending upon the program that students may choose, they may need to submit a portfolio containing approximately 15 recent works of art, reflecting their chosen program.

Those people, who want to earn their bachelor’s degree in web design, will need to fulfill the following general education requirements-English Composition I and II, Creative Writing, Social Science, Science, Humanities, College Algebra, College Geometry, Introduction to Psychology, and five additional General Education electives.

They will also need to fulfill the following key requirements-History of Western Art I and II, Postmodernism and Contemporary Art, Programming Logic, Introduction to Scripting Languages, History of Motion Media and Mass Communication, Desktop Video, Digital Video Composition, Advanced Image Manipulation, Introduction to User Centered Design, Concepts in Motion Design, Introduction to Authoring, Intermediate Authoring, Intermediate Scripting Languages, Advanced Scripting Languages, Project Management, Integrated Information Design, Design for Mobile Devices I and II, Interactive Motion Graphics, Interactive Motion Scripting, Designing for Dynamic Websites, E-Learning Design, Writing for Interactive Design, Internship, Designing for Server Side Technology, Portfolio, Professional Practice, Multimedia Law, Beginning Drawing, and Principles of Design I and II.

Earn Your Art Degree in the State of Florida

Aspiring artists in Florida have a vast array of schools to choose among. Not only are the above schools remarkable places for students to study, there are many more schools in Florida worth checking out, as well. Following are some of these other institutions.

  • Miami International University of Art and Design-Miami
  • Barry University-Miami
  • Eckerd College-St. Petersburg
  • Lynn University-Boca Raton
  • Stetson University-Deland
  • Florida Atlantic University-Boca Raton
  • Jacksonville University-Jacksonville

Completing the Requirements in Florida

Depending upon the school and the program that students choose, they will need to complete one of the following near the end of their program-Art Capstone, Senior/Junior Project or a Thesis. There are many ways that students can accomplish this, but the most common are through research projects, art portfolios, art projects, exhibitions, presentations and essays.

Students may also be required to acquire various art materials depending on their area of study.

Some common materials they may need to have are sketchbooks, tracing pads, writing and drawing utensils, sharpeners, erasers, scissors, measuring tools, cutting knives and blades, paint brushes, palettes and knives, digital cameras, masking tape, and a staple gun with staples.

For students to obtain a complete list of requirements and necessary materials, they should contact the school of their choice.

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