Art Schools in Delaware

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Art careers are immensely popular among many people in Delaware today.

Not only are these careers fulfilling and fun, but they are extremely diverse, as well.

There is a vast array of fields for creative people to work within including painting, sculpture, music, dance, theater, fashion design, graphic design, game design, web design, culinary arts, animation, illustration, advertising and architecture.

There are also many educational choices in Delaware for aspiring artists to choose among, and following are some of the top choices in the state.

Art and Design Schools

Below are some of the biggest Art Schools in Delaware for Aspiring Artists.

Delaware College of Art and Design

Delaware College of Art and Design, located in Wilmington and accredited with the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, offers superior programs in graphic design, animation, fine arts, illustration, photography and interior design. Prospective students can request information from the school by calling them at-302-622-8000 or by writing to them at the 600 block of North Market Street in Wilmington, Delaware, 19801. They can also find the answers to any of their questions online at-

All students who wish to attend the Delaware College of Art and Design must provide the school with a portfolio of their best and most recent work. They can either deliver the portfolio directly to the school, or they may mail it in CD format. Portfolios should contain 15 to 20 pieces of work, and at least five of them should be observational pieces.

Students, who choose to earn an associate of fine arts degree in illustration, will need to take several liberal education courses to earn their degrees. Following are these courses-Written and Verbal Expression, Critical Thinking, Foundation Seminar, Writing and Literature I through III, and two additional Liberal Education electives.

They will also need to take the following art-related courses-Drawing I and II, 2D Design I/Black and White, 2D Design II/Color, 3D Design I and II, Art History I through III, 4D Design, Illustration I and II, Media and Methods, Typography I, Design Procedures I and II, Visual Communications I and II, Figure Drawing, Introduction to Photography, Digital Dialogs, Theories of Art and Design, and History of Art and Design.

Center for the Creative Arts

Located in Yorklyn, The Center for the Creative Arts is a member of the National Guild for Community Arts Education and the Delaware Division of the Arts. This school offers a vast array of wonderful art classes for both adults and children. If people in the Yorklyn area would like to find out about the many classes offered by the center, they can phone them at-302-239-2434 or write to them at-Post Office Box 146, Yorklyn, Delaware, 19736. They can also find essential information online at-

Some of the magnificent classes that the center offers to adults and teens are as follows-Secrets of Sketching and Drawing, Figure Drawing with Live Models, More Oil Painting, More Painting with Watercolors, More Painting with Acrylics, Winter Watercolors, Acrylic Abstracts, Fabric and Folds, Fused Glass Workshops, Mosaics, Beginning Digital Photography, iPhone Photography, Small Scale Sculpture, Throwing and Hand Building Basics, Continuing Throwing and Hand Building, The Art of Printmaking, Private Music Instruction, Private Art Instruction, and Open Studios.

Following are some of the quality classes that the center offers to children-Private Music Instruction, Private Art Instruction, Art After School/Drawing and Painting, Pottery After School, Pottery for Home-Schooled Students, Children’s Theaters, SMArts/Drawing and Painting, Young Artists/Drawing and Painting for Home-Schooled Students, SMArts/Play with Clay I/Beginning Potters, SMArts/Play with Clay II/Intermediate Potters, Custom Art Workshops, and Art Camps.

Christina Cultural Arts Center

Located in Wilmington, Christina Cultural Arts Center offers many spectacular arts classes for people both young and old. Those people in the Wilmington district, who would like to learn about all of the sensational classes at the center, can phone them at-302-652-7480 or view them online at- They can also choose to write to the center at-705 North Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware, 19801.

Following is a sample of the many incredible classes offered by the center-Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Violin and Viola, Voice, Early Childhood Drama/Ages Six to Seven, Teen and Adult Acting/13 to Adult, Youth Drama/Ages Eight to Twelve, Adult Visual Arts/Ages 13 to Adult, Children Visual Arts/Ages Six to Twelve, Early Childhood Music, Group Guitar, Group Piano, Group Violin, Karate, Show Choir, Tai Chi, Acrobatics I, Acrobatics Introduction, Adult Praise, Beginning Children’s Praise, Beginning Tap, Children’s Jazz I through III, Children’s Modern Dance I through III, Choreography, Hip Hop I and II, Intermediate Tap, Teen Praise, Teen and Adult Jazz, Zumba, and Ballet I through III.

Delaware Art Museum

Located in Wilmington, The Delaware Art Museum, accredited by the American Association of Museums, offers many extraordinary art classes for people of all ages. If people want to learn about the amazing classes offered by the museum, they can call-302-571-9590 or write to-2301 Kentmere Parkway, Wilmington, Delaware, 19806. They can also visit the museum’s website at-

Some of the many, remarkable classes offered by the museum are as follows-From Drawing to Painting, Introduction to Oil Painting, Beginning Figure Drawing, Painting 101, Drawing 101, Watercolors, Drawing and Painting, Color/Composition and Beyond-Painting From Life, Continuing Watercolors, Drawing and Painting Fundamentals, Digital Photography, The Joy of Clay/Hand Building, Dimensional Ceramics, The Joy of Clay/Throwing, Pottery, Beyond Beginner Jewelry Making, Beginning Jewelry Making, Mechanisms, Intermediate Jewelry Making, Lockets and Trinket Boxes, Tool Savvy, Open Figure Drawing Studio, Open Sketching Studio, Ceramics Open Studio, Metalsmithing Open Studio, Cartooning, Dynamic Ceramics, Artwise I and II, and Teen Pottery.

The Music School of Delaware

The Music School of Delaware, located in Wilmington and Milford and approved by the Delaware Division of the Arts, offers several fantastic classes for those people interested in music. If people would like to find out how to enroll to the school, they can call them at-302-762-1132 or write to them at-4101 Washington Street, Wilmington, Delaware, 19802. They can also read about the classes online at-

The Music School of Delaware offers exceptional traditional and private classes, as well as, individual coaching. Some of the terrific traditional classes that they offer are as follows-Composition Lessons, Exploring Music Style/A History of Western Music Part I and II, Basic Music Theory for Adults, Piano for Adults I through III, Piano Ensemble, Voice for Beginning Adults, Voice for Church Musicians, Classical Cafe, Chamber Music, Cello Choir, Adult Flute Ensemble, Guitar and Mandolin Orchestra, Individual Music Therapy Sessions, Musical Memory Lane, Wilmington Community Orchestra, and Delaware Women’s Chorus.

Colleges and Universities

Below are some of the most popular Colleges for Art Classes, Courses, Programs and Degrees for Art.

Delaware State University

Located in Dover and accredited by the Commission on Higher Education, Delaware State University offers superb programs in such areas as art education, art management, studio art, theater arts, music, and music education. Those people in the Dover area, who would like to study within any of these areas, can call the university at-302-254-5340 or write to them at-621 Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware, 19801. They can also read about the university and its programs online at-

If people choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in art education, they will need to complete a four-year curriculum comprised of several liberal arts, occupation-related and art-related courses. The liberal arts classes within the curriculum are as follows-English Composition I and II, University Seminar I and II, Survey of Mathematics I and II, Survey of MacIntosh Studio, Introduction to General Psychology, Speech, World Literature I and II or African-American Literature I and II, Elementary Foreign Language I and II, two Natural Science electives, Lifetime Fitness and Wellness, Developmental Psychology I or Understanding Growth and Development of Young Children, Reading in the Content Areas, and American Civilization to 1865 and from 1865 or The African-American Experience to 1865 and from 1865.

The art-related and occupation-related courses within the program are as follows-Introduction to Drawing I, Philosophical Foundations of Education, Introduction to Art, Two-Dimensional Design, Intermediate Drawing, Introduction to Painting, PPST/PRAXIS exam, 3D Design, Ceramics I, Art History I and II, Methods and Materials for Elementary Art Teachers, Multicultural Education, Watercolor Painting, Photography, Methods and Materials for Secondary Art Teachers, Printmaking, Art for Special Education, Effective Teaching Skills and Classroom Management, Analysis of Student Teaching, Seminar in Art Education, Pre-Service Student Teaching.

University of Delaware

Located in Newark, The University of Delaware offers splendid programs in art, art history, apparel design, fine arts, art conservation, music, and music education. Prospective students can find out about the application requirements by calling the university at-302-831-8123 or by visiting them on the web at- They may also obtain information by writing to-210 South College Avenue, Newark, Delaware, 19716.

If students choose to earn a bachelor’s degree in art history, they must take the following liberal education courses-Critical Reading and Writing, Multicultural elective, First-Year Experience, Discovery Learning Experience, Writing elective, German or French, two Mathematics courses, three Creative Arts or Humanities electives, three History or Culture electives, three Social and Behavioral Science courses, Natural Science course, and one Technology elective.

Students will also need to take the following art-specific courses-two 100-Level Art History courses, Art History Before the Year 1400, Art History in the Years 1400 to 1700, Art History in the Years 1700 to 1900, Art History 1900 to the Present or Level-200 or above Art History course, two additional Level-200 or above Art History courses, Research and Methodology in Art History, Level-300 or above Art History course, Level-400 or above Art History Seminar, Biblical and Classical Literature, one additional Level-200 or 300 Art History course, and at least three courses from the following areas-Anthropology, Literature, English, Music, Foreign Languages, Education, Philosophy, Studio Art, History and Theater.

Delaware Technical and Community College

Accredited by the Middle States Commission for Higher Education, Delaware Technical and Community College, has three campuses in Dover, Georgetown and Stanton/Wilmington. Some of the excellent programs that the college offers include culinary arts, interior design, computer-aided drafting and design, baking and pastry skills, advertising design, multimedia and photo imaging. Those people, who are interested in any of these fields, can phone the college at-302-857-1000 or they can write to the Dover campus at-100 Campus Drive, Dover, Delaware, 19904. They can also find helpful information online at-

Those students, who wish to pursue an associate of applied science degree in culinary arts, will need to complete all of the following basic skills classes-Human Communications, Composition, Technical Writing and Communication, Math for Behavioral Sciences, General Psychology, and Computer Applications or Introduction to Computers and Applications.

They must also complete all of the following occupation-related courses-Sanitation, Nutrition, Practicum, Planning Food Service System, Applied Hospitality, Culinary Supervisory Development, Food Prep I and II, Garde Manager, Introduction to Dining Room Management, Beverage Service, Cost Control/Menu Planning and Purchasing, Baking, Pastry, and International Cuisine.

Admissions Requirements for Art Schools

Following is a checklist of the various admission requirements for art schools in Delaware. While some of these requirements are standard and apply to all schools, some of them may not. It is always best to find out the exact requirements of the school before applying.

  • Satisfactory SAT/ACT Scores
  • Standard Application and Fees
  • High-School and other Applicable Transcripts
  • Placement Exams
  • Portfolios or Auditions
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Orientation or Tour
  • Personal Interview
  • Essay/Statement of Purpose

Understanding the Graduation Requirements of Art Schools

For aspiring artists to earn their degrees or certificates, they must complete various requirements first. Following are some of the common requirements that they will have to fulfill.

  • Completion of a Liberal Arts Curriculum (standard)
  • Completion of a Program-Related Curriculum (standard)
  • Satisfactory Grades in all Areas (standard)
  • Apprenticeship/Internship or Externship (varies)
  • Art Capstone (many Schools and Programs)
  • Junior or Senior Project (many Schools and Programs)
  • Junior or Senior Thesis (some Schools and Programs)

Gather the Supplies Necessary for Delaware Art Schools

The supplies that students will need for their programs in art school will vary depending upon the school they attend and the program that they choose. However, there are some basic supplies that are necessary for many programs. These supplies are as follows.

  • Laptop and Digital Camera
  • Drawing/Sketching Pads and Drawing Utensils
  • Erasers and Sharpeners
  • Staplegun, Masking Tape and Glue Sticks
  • Paint Brushes, Palette Knife, Palettes and Water Containers
  • Scissors and Cutting Knife
  • Measuring Tape, Steel Ruler and T-Square

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