Art Schools in California

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Enrolling in an art school is a terrific way for people in California to enhance their skills and knowledge in art.

It will be the best investment they make, especially if they want to pursue careers in fields of art.

Following are some schools in California that offer remarkable programs for aspiring artists.

American River College

American River College, located in Sacramento, offers several extraordinary art programs, accredited with the Commission for Community and Junior Colleges. Following are the sensational programs American River offers-Fine Arts, Art New Media, Culinary Arts/Hospitality Management, Fashion, Interior Design, Music and Theater Arts. Those individuals, who would like to find out about any of these programs, can read about them at the American River website- They can also request a college catalog by calling-916-484-8011 or by writing to-4700 College Oak Drive, Sacramento, California, 95841.

Students, who want to earn their associate’s degrees in fine arts, will need to complete the following general education classes-Humanities, two Language and Rationality courses, Living Skills, Natural Science, two Social and Behavioral courses, Ethnic/Multicultural Studies, Mathematics, English, and Writing.

They will also need to complete the following program-oriented classes-Elementary Drawing and Composition, Design/Fundamentals, Three Dimensional Design, Art/Stone Age through the Middle Ages, Renaissance Tradition in Art or Modern Art, and at least five additional program-oriented classes.

Westmont College

Westmont College in Santa Barbara offers spectacular programs, accredited with the Senior College Commission, for people interested in art fields including fine arts, music and theater arts. Those students, who would like to find out additional information pertaining to any of these programs, can phone Westmont at-805-565-6200 or they may request program brochures by writing to-955 La Paz Road, Santa Barbara, California, 93108. They can also find out about the programs online at-

Those persons, who choose to earn their bachelor’s degrees in art history, must take the following general education courses-Biblical and Theological Canons or Introduction to the Christian Liberal Arts, Writing for the Liberal Arts, Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning, Modern/Foreign Languages, Serving Society/Enacting Justice or Communicating Cross-Culturally, Productions and Presentations or Research or Integrating the Major Discipline, Reading Imaginative Literature, Exploring the Physical Sciences, Exploring the Life Sciences, Reasoning Abstractly, Thinking Globally, Thinking Historically, and Understanding Society.

They must also take the following art-related courses-Performing and Interpreting the Arts, Design I, Drawing I, Sophmore Project, Theory and Criticism in the Arts, Historical Method/Research, and two of the following-History of Western Art I and II, Introduction to World Art, and Film Studies or Aesthetics or Culture Theory, and Europe Semester Performing and Interpreting the Arts. Students must also take at least six of the following courses-The Arts of Medieval Europe, Italian Renaissance Art, Northern Renaissance Art, Seventeenth Century Art, Nineteenth Century Art, Modern and Contemporary Art, Special Topics in the History of Art, Museum Studies, Art, Theology and Worship, and Survey of American Art.

Bakersfield College

Bakersfield College in Bakersfield, accredited with the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, offers several art programs, including an associate’s in arts, digital arts, music, and theater arts. Those people, who would like to learn the enrollment procedures of Bakersfield, can find out online They can also obtain information by calling the college at-661-395-4011 or by writing to-1801 Panorama Drive, Bakersfield, California, 93305.

Students, who choose to earn their associate’s in arts, will need to fulfill the following general education requirements-Oral Communication, Written Communication, Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Logic, Introduction to the Humanities, Foundations in the Behavioral Sciences, Foundations in the Social Sciences, American Institutions, and Lifelong Understanding and Development.

They will also need to fulfill the following key requirements-Introduction to the Arts, Drawing I and II, Two Dimensional Design, Art Appreciation, and at least three of the following series-Painting and Drawing Series, Ceramic Series, Sculpture Series, Photography Series, Digital Art Series, and Art History Series.

Berkeley City College

Located in Berkeley, Berkeley City College offers astounding art programs, accredited by the Accrediting Commission on Community and Junior Colleges, in such areas as associate in arts, certificate in arts, and multimedia arts. For people to find out how to apply to Berkeley City College, they should call-510-981-2800 or write to-2050 Center Street, Berkeley, California, 94704. They can also learn how to apply by checking out the college’s website at-

The following list of classes reflect the general education requirements that students will need to complete to earn their associate’s degree in art-Natural Science, two Social and Behavioral Science courses, two Humanities electives, English Composition, Mathematics, Computer Literacy, Oral or Written Communication or Literature, and Ethnic Studies.

The following classes are the program-related requirements that students will need to complete-Introduction to Art History or History of Modern Art or History of Women in Art or Themes/Trends and Traditions in World Art, Critique and the Creative Process, Beginning Drawing and Composition, Continuing Drawing and Composition, Beginning Figure Drawing and Composition, Continuing Figure Drawing and Composition, Beginning Painting, and no less than three art electives.

Chapman University

Chapman University in Orange offers several art programs, accredited with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Some of the terrific programs offered by Chapman include performing arts, a bachelor’s degree in arts, art history, dance, digital arts, graphic design, music, studio art and theater. Those students, who would like to attend Chapman, can call the university at-714-997-6815, or they can write to them at-1 University Drive, Orange, California, 92866. They can also visit Chapman’s website at-

Students will need to fulfill several general education course requirements to earn their bachelor’s degrees in arts. These classes are as follows-Natural Science, Quantitative Reasoning or Computer Science, Social Science or History, Ethics, and Written Communications.

They will also need to fulfill many different art-related course requirements to earn their degrees. These classes are as follows-Ceramics/Form and Surface, Photographic Imaging, Digital Imaging, Objects and Space, Painting and Mark Making, Drawing and Planning, Art and Text, Contemporary Gallery Practices, 21st Century Art, Curatorial Practice, Interdisciplinary Practice, Collaborative Projects, Concepts in Contemporary Art, Modernism, Advanced Art/Critique and Exhibition, one additional art elective, and at least four classes from at least two of the following categories-Drawing/Painting, 3D, Photography and New Genres.

Schools of Art

Below are some of the biggest Art Schools in the state of California.

Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, accredited with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, offers several first-class art programs for prospective artists. Some of the phenomenal programs they academy offers include acting, animation, art education, fashion, fine art, game design, graphic design, illustration, and photography. Those persons, who would like to learn about any of these programs, can find out about them online at- They can also request information by phoning the academy at-800-554-2787 or by writing to-79 New Montgomery Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, California, 94105.

Undergraduate students do not have to submit a portfolio to be admitted to the university, but they can do so, if they would like to waive some of the major, foundation classes. Graduate students will need to submit both a resume and a portfolio. The resume should state any of their educational and work experience that they have acquired. Portfolios should reflect the student’s chosen area of study.

Students, who choose to earn their associate’s degrees in character animation, will need to take the following basic education classes-Composition for the Artist, Introduction to Anatomy, English Composition/Creative Persuasion and Argument or Perspective Journalism, and one additional basic education class.

They will also need to complete the following program-oriented classes-Introduction to Computer Graphics for Animation, Analysis of Form, Cinematic Storytelling, Experimental Animation, Computer Animation Production, Figure Drawing, Figure Modeling, History of Animation or History and Technology of Visual Effects and Computer Animation, Modeling and Animation I, Careers in Animation and Visual Effects, Introduction to Animation, Art History through the 15th Century, Character Animation I, Clothed Figure Drawing I, Art History through the 19th Century, Designing Careers, Color and Design, and at least one additional program-oriented class.

Art Center College of Design

Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design, accredited with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, offers a variety of art programs for those persons who wish to work in the field. Following are some of the amazing programs that the center offers-film, fine art, graphic design, illustration, photography, and interaction design. Those individuals, who would like to apply to the Art Center, can find out about the application requirements by visiting them online at- They can also request information by calling the center at-626-396-2373 or by writing to them at-1700 Lida Street, Pasadena, California, 91103.

For students to gain admission to the Art Center, they must submit a portfolio of their original artwork. Since the requirements for the portfolio depends upon the student’s chosen career path, the college encourages them to meet with an adviser as to how to compile their work. However, all portfolios need to be recent works of art and need to reflect the student’s area of interest.

Students, who want to earn their bachelor’s degrees in fine arts from the center, must fulfill the following basic skills requirements-Humanities, Culture and Diversity, three Mathematics and Science courses, and one Career Preparatory course.

They must also fulfill the following program-related courses to earn their degrees-Writing Studio, Rethinking Art I, Design I, Drawing Concepts I, Materials of Art and Design, Introduction to Modernism, Digital Design I, Basics of Sculpture, Design II/Structure and Color, Drawing as Process, Painting Strategies, Critical Practice I and II, Installation Concepts, Art Structures and Systems, Language of the Moving Image I and II, History of Art I/II or III, Visiting Artist Workshop I, Studio Practice, Readings in Fine Art, One on One, Studio Visits I, TDS course, 5th Term Review, Writing About Art, Dialogues with Visiting, Fine Art Seminar, Senior Projects I and II, Senior Seminar, and Professional Practices.

California College of the Arts

California College of the Arts in Oakland, accredited with the Western Association of Colleges and Schools, offers a vast array of art programs for aspiring artists including animation, ceramics, fashion design, film, graphic design, illustration, interior design, jewelry/metal arts, painting/drawing, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. People, who would like to learn about all of the programs offered at the college, can phone them at-510-594-3600 or write to them at-5212 Broadway, Oakland, California, 94618. They can also learn about the programs at the college’s website-

For students to gain entry to the California College of the Arts, they must submit a personal essay, two letters of recommendation and a portfolio of their artwork. Essays should be approximately two pages long and should define the student’s interest in art and the career path they have chosen. Letters of recommendation can be from past instructors, employers or other professionals whom know the student and his or her abilities. Portfolios should contain at least 10 to 15 pieces of the student’s most recent work and should reflect the program they want to enter.

Students, who choose to earn their bachelor’s degrees in fine art/painting and drawing, must complete the following basic skills classes-Language Dynamics, Literature and Writing, Science, Mathematics, Philosophy/Social Science, Foundations in Critical Studies, Cultural History, Methods of Knowledge Seminar, Literature Seminar, Diversity Studies Seminar, and two Humanities courses.

They will also need to complete the following art-related classes-Introduction to the Arts/Antiquity to Early Modern, Introduction to the Modern Arts, Visual Studies Seminar, Media History/Painting in Culture, Drawing I, 2D/3D and 4D, Life Drawing or Drawing II, Painting I and II, Materials and Methods, Color and Compositional Studies, Media History/Contemporary Issues, Workshops, Digital Tools, Painting III or Advanced Drawing, Senior Project/Painting or Drawing, Interdisciplinary Critique, Interdisciplinary Studio, Diversity Studies Studio, three Studio electives, and one Visual Studies elective.

Additional Institutions in California

Aspiring artists in California will have no problem finding a school to study within. There are many fantastic schools in the state that offer art-related programs, and the above schools are just a few. Following are some additional schools that people may want to research.

  • California Institute of the Arts-Valencia
  • Allan Hancock College-Santa Maria
  • Otis College of Art and Design-Los Angeles
  • Antioch University-Culver City
  • California State University-Bakersfield
  • California State University-Chico
  • Azuza Pacific University-Azuza
  • Laguna College of Art and Design-Laguna Beach
  • Cabrillo College-Aptos
  • Yuba College-Marysville
  • Taft College-Taft

Basic Materials Art Students May Need

The materials that art students will need will vary depending upon the program that they enroll within. However, following is a list of the basic materials that many programs require.

1. Digital Camera
2. Paint Brushes, Palette Knives, Palettes and Water Containers
3. Staple Gun and Staples
4. Measuring Tools (Tape, Steel Ruler and 36 inch Metal T-Square)
5. Scizzors
6. X-Acto Knife and Blades
7. Glue Sticks
8. Masking Tape
9. Staedler Mars Plastic Eraser and Kneaded Eraser
10. Conte Crayons, Pens, Pencils and Sharpeners
11. Sketch Books and Tracing Pads
12. Carry Case for Supplies

Fulfilling the Art Capstone, Senior Project or Thesis

Near the end of student’s training programs, many schools require them to fulfill an Art Capstone/Senior Project or Thesis, which displays what they have learned within the program.

The ways with which they can complete this requirement may vary depending upon the instructor; however, some common ways students complete this are through art portfolios, research projects, presentations, exhibitions, art projects and essays.

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