Art Schools in Alaska

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Those people in Alaska, who have a love for art, have many career opportunities available to them.

Whether they enjoy painting, ceramics, designing video games or designing clothing, there is an exciting job in Alaska waiting for them.

The first step to beginning their career, however, is obtaining the necessary training from a qualified art school.

Following is a list of the excellent art schools in Alaska.

Alaska Schools of Art

Below are some of the best Art Schools in Alaska for aspiring Artists.

Alaska Fine Arts Academy

Located in Eagle River and supported in part by the Alaska Arts and Culture Foundation, the Alaska Fine Arts Academy offers a vast array of exemplary art classes for people of all age groups. If people would like to view the current class offerings of the academy, they can do so online at- People can also acquire information by calling the academy at-907-694-8924 or by writing to their mailing address at-12340 Old Glenn Highway, Suite 200, Eagle River, Alaska, 99577.

Some of the outstanding classes offered by the academy are as follows-Basic Photography/13 and up, Introduction to Photoshop/13 and up, Macro Photography/13 and up, Portrait Photography/13 and up, Landscape Photography/13 and up, Multimedia Art/K-2nd Grade, Multimedia Art/3rd-5th Grade, Multimedia Art/6th-12th Grade, Beginner and Intermediate Acrylic Painting/13 and up, Intermediate Drawing/13 and up, Introduction to Scratchboard/13 and up, Theater Scenery and Background Painting/15 and up, Guitar Maintenance, Guitar, Piano, Violin, Brass, and Pipes and Drums.

Blaine’s Art

Blaine’s Art, located in Anchorage and member of the Alaska Watercolor Society, offers several terrific art classes for people interested in art. While the classes offered at Blaine’s Art varies, people can view their current offerings online at- They may also call the center at-907-561-5344 or write to them at-1025 Photo Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska, 99503.

Some typical classes offered at the center are as follows-Starting Small in Oils, Marine Painting in Oils and Color Mixing Oils, Art of the Mind/Watercolor on Yupo, Aerosol Plus, Mono-Printing with Golden Open, Encaustic Painting, Silk Painting with Dye-na-Flow, Montana Gold, Encaustic/Mono-Printing, Textile Arts with Golden, Image Transfers for Textiles, Gouache on HP Illustration Board, Great Grounds, Spray Paint Fun, Figure Drawing, Fundamentals of Drawing, Drawing/Perspectives, Watercolor I and II, and Oil Painting.

Alaska Native Heritage Center

Located in Anchorage and accredited by the American Association of Museums, the Alaska Native Heritage Center offers a delightful variety of art classes for both adults and children. If people would like to find out the current class offerings of the center, they can call them at-907-330-8000 or write to them at-8800 Heritage Center Drive, Anchorage, Alaska, 99504. They can also find the current listing online at-

Following are some of the magnificent classes offered by the center-Cultural Awareness Workshop, Cultural Understanding Experience, Native Dance and Drumming, Native Games, Native Stories and String Stories, Collections, Introduction to Alaska Native Cultures, Shavila Assembly/A Rainbow of Alaska Native Cultures, Celebrating Culture, Beading, Kayak Construction, Dance, Media, Alaska Native Dance, Alaska Native Art, Communication/Media Arts, Performing Arts, and Summer Internship Program.

Alaska Colleges and Universities

Below are some of the biggest and best Art Colleges in Alaska that offer Art Courses, Classes, Programs and Art Degrees.

University of Alaska/Anchorage

Accredited with the Northwest Commission for Colleges and Universities, the University of Alaska at Anchorage offers superior programs in art, music and theater for those people who love art. Those persons, who would like to view the full details pertaining to any of these programs, can read about them at the university’s They can also obtain information by calling-907-786-1707 or by writing to the campus at-3211 Providence Drive, Anchorage, Alaska, 99508.

Those students, who choose to pursue a bachelor of fine arts degree, will need to take the following liberal education courses-Oral Communication, Quantitative Skills, two Written Communication electives, one Fine Arts elective, two Humanities electives, two Natural Science courses and one lab, two Social Science electives, and Integrative Capstone.

They must also take the following art-oriented courses to earn their degrees-Beginning Drawing, Two-Dimensional Design, Color Design, Three-Dimensional Design, Intermediate Drawing, Life Drawing and Composition, History of Western Art I and II, one Two-Dimensional Studio Art elective, one Three-Dimensional Studio Art elective, one additional Two or Three-Dimensional Studio Art elective, at least three Art History electives, one 200-Level Art Studio course in the student’s preferred concentration, two 300-Level Art Studio courses in the student’s preferred concentration, two 400-Level Art Studio courses in the student’s preferred concentration, Selected Topics in Studio Art or Individual Research, one 200-Level Studio Art course outside of the student’s concentration, two 300 or 400-Level Studio Art courses outside of the student’s concentration, Senior Thesis, Capstone, Aesthetics, and two additional Art-Related electives in any concentration.

University of Alaska/Fairbanks

The University of Alaska at Fairbanks, accredited with the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, offers fabulous programs in art, culinary arts, music and theater for those people in Alaska, who want to begin careers in the arts. Those people, who would like to study within any of these areas, can contact the university at-907-474-7211 or write to them at the following mailing address-Post Office Box 757500, Fairbanks, Alaska, 99775. They can also find essential information online at-

Those students, who choose to earn a bachelor of fine arts degree, will need to fulfill the following basic education requirements-two Humanities electives, two Social Science courses, Mathematics, Alaska Native Language, one additional Foreign Language elective, and two Natural Science courses.

They will also need to fulfill the following art-related requirements-Beginning Drawing, Intermediate Drawing, Beginning Sculpture, Beginning Painting, History of World Art, two of the following-Two-Dimensional Design or Color and Design or Three-Dimensional Design, at least one of the following-Beginning Ceramics or Beginning Printmaking or Beginning Metalsmithing and Jewelry or Beginning Native Art Studio or Digital Photography and Pixel Painting, at least three Upper-Division Art History electives, at least two Upper-Level Art-Related electives, and ten additional Art Studio and Art-Related electives (must gain approval for selections).

University of Alaska/Southeast

Located in Juneau and accredited by the Northwest Commission for Colleges and Universities, the University of Alaska/Southeast offers a wonderful program in art for prospective artists. Those students, who would like to study within the university, can contact them at-907-796-6000, or they can visit the university online They can also write the school at the following address-11120 Glacier Highway, Juneau, Alaska, 99801.

Those students, whom choose to earn a bachelor of arts degree in art, will need to complete all of the following basic skills course work-Methods of Written Communication, Intermediate Composition, two Social Science electives, three Humanities electives, Intermediate Composition about Literature or Technical Report Writing, Oral Communication elective, Fine Arts elective, Intermediate or College Algebra or Survey Statistics, and two Natural Science courses with one lab.

They will also need to take the following art-specific course work-History of World Art I and II, Color and Design, Intermediate Drawing, Beginning Sculpture, Beginning Painting, History of Modern Art, Career Development for the Artist, two of the following-Beginning Ceramics or Beginning Printmaking or Digital Photography, and at least six additional Studio Art electives in at least two concentrations.

Begin Your New Art Career in Alaska

Those people in Alaska, who want to begin art careers, will need to train in one of the excellent schools listed above. When applying to an art school, people will want to make sure they fulfill all of the requirements of that school. These requirements may vary depending upon the school, but some common requirements include the following.

  • Standard Application and Application Fee
  • High-School and Other Transcripts
  • SAT/ACT Scores and Placement Exams
  • Portfolios or Auditions
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Work or Other Relevant Skills/Experience
  • Essay and Interview
  • Orientation or Tour

Students will also want to make sure that they have all of the necessary supplies for art school, and that they meet all of the graduation requirements of the school as follows.

Graduation Requirements

  • Art Capstone
  • Internship or Apprenticeship
  • Thesis or Project


  • Basic Drawing and Painting Supplies
  • A Digital Camera and a Laptop
  • A Staple Gun/Masking Tape and Glue Sticks
  • Measuring Tape/Ruler and T-Square
  • Scissors and Cutting Knife

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