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Every artist needs a palette.

It’s one of the main tools of the painter’s trade.

You can spend a lot of money and buy an investment palette that lasts for years and probably needs to be bequeathed in your will.

On the other hand, you can purchase an economical and practical palette that serves the purpose and won’t break the budget.

Use the money you have saved to buy additional paints, brushes or supports.

Art Alternatives Paint Tray Palette, 10 Wells & Thumb Hole

The Art Alternatives Paint Tray Palette, 10 Wells with Thumb Hole ASIN: B0028FO1BO is compact, lightweight and inexpensively priced. It works well with all water-soluble paint mediums and its surface is stain resistant to maintain the bright white color. That white color is important to artists who want the ability to see their paint as it is, without reflected color from a colored palette surface.

This palette is lightweight and small, so it is great to pack for plein air painting. It is also a good size for a child or a person with small hands. If the artist is creating a large painting and need copious amounts of color, this palette is definitely not the right one. However, smaller paintings or detail areas attended to separately are perfect for this useful and functional palette.

The tray contains a total of 10 wells. This is a misnomer, of sorts. There are six wells in which to place dollops of paint. In addition, four small, indented spaces are perfect for mixing color. These indented areas could be used as paint wells, but that leaves no place on the palette for mixing or diluting the paint. Typically, the artist will leave these four spaces for adding water or medium to paint and blending color.

This tray’s economical price makes it a very attractive purchase for the beginning artist, children and artists who would like multiple palettes. At this price, it makes good sense to buy several. The kids will love having their very own real artist’s palette. Since these can be used for any medium, the crafter as well as watercolor and acrylic artist will find them useful.

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