Art Advantage Oil and Acrylic Brush Set

Every painter needs a variety of brushes, but they don’t necessarily need them all to be top-of-the-line.

Plein air painting sessions, arts and crafts projects with the kids and demonstrations at craft shows are all situations that don’t require your best and most coveted brushes.

Art Advantage Oil and Acrylic Brush 24-Piece Set

The Art Advantage twenty-four piece brush set ASIN: B0027AANDA is a great choice for the acrylic or oil painter. Nylon brushes have the softness for paints that have been thinned, while the boar bristle brushes have the sturdy stiffness that impasto artists need to apply thick paints.

These brushes come in a canvas roll-up pouch so storing and packing them is easy. The roll-up protects the bristles from damage and absorbs any moisture that may remain in the bristles after cleaning. The canvas roll is washable, so it can be kept relatively unscathed.

Both oil and acrylic artists appreciate the long handles, and the set comes in a variety of both round and flat shapes. The group consists of 12 white nylon and 12 hog bristle brushes. The package contains one flat and one round in sizes #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12 for both synthetic and natural bristles.

A beginning artist would find this a very useful set, as it comes with all the sizes he needs to begin his studies. The pouch is a great added bonus for those who attend class, and the inexpensive price puts it well within every art student’s budget.

Artists who find themselves giving demonstrations at art festivals will appreciate that low price as well. Typically, an artist paints a bit, gets sidetracked talking to festival visitors, veers off for a snack and stops to listen to a wandering minstrel performance. By the time he returns to his demonstration area, the paint has started to congeal or is otherwise making a mess of his palette and brushes. On the other hand, the brushes may have spent the afternoon soaking in water or solvent. Either way, these paintbrushes have a hard life. This is a perfect set to use when the conditions are less than conducive to proper brush care.

If you have a pack of kids that need craft projects to fill a rainy afternoon, the Art Advantage brush set is just the thing for your promising Picassos. There are plenty of brushes and sizes so everyone can have a couple to keep them painting, and if one ends up dried into a gloppy mess you won’t feel overly concerned.

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