American Journey Watercolor Paints

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There are paint manufacturers who have been creating paints for several hundred years.

These are well-respected companies that employ experienced chemists and creative staffs who continue to refine the paints they developed centuries ago.

American Journey Watercolor does not have that blue-blood lineage.

However, it is a respectable line of watercolor products (like their Professional Paint Line and their Iridescent Paint Line) that provides consistent results and is available in an ample line of colors. The paints are produced in the United States by a manufacturer that supplies house brand art supplies, as well as their own lines.

Paint Tubes, Sticks And Pans For The Budget Conscious Artist

Tube Watercolors

The tube paints are available in 15ml and 37ml tubes and are economically priced for both student and struggling artist. The paints are colorfully named, using both amusing monikers like Peachy Keen and tribute names like Getz Gray. The formulations are both single pigment colors and combinations of pigments and are available in a wide array of colors. Colors that have alternative names also have the standard name printed on the tube. They also include pigment information to verify the properties of the blend.

All of the American Journey paints are available individually and in sets that gather color families together in a single package. Some of these include brushes, palette and paper for a complete beginner’s kit of painting materials.

Solid Stick Watercolor

Stick paints are a relatively new addition to the watercolorist’s tabouret. These are simple to use and are available in 12 colors. They are solid paint and completely water-soluble, so they blend with tube paint of any brand.

Stick watercolor paint can be used much like a pastel, applying paint directly to the paper. The artist will then use his brush and water to blend the paint into the paper or other colors. Another method is to wet the paper and then apply the paint. Wetting the tip of the paint stick and drawing on the paper is another way to use this product. Each technique gives different results that are suitable for many styles of painting.

Pan Watercolor

American Journey makes a full-pan set of pan watercolors in 12 basic colors. The tray opens on both sides, making it perfect for plein air sketches without filling a backpack full of supplies. Just add paper, brush and water for beautiful color that is ready to go anywhere.

Pan paint is versatile for an on-the-go artist. They take little space, and there is no danger of spills. Pack them in a suitcase, briefcase, purse or backpack and they are ready when you are. Since these sets flip open with mini-palettes, they really do make impromptu painting easy.

This line of paints is a nice alternative to many high priced, imported brands. The colors are rich and come in a wide variety that will suit any palette. There are modern formulations, as well as the classic hues and are priced affordably. The tube paints are available in a large, economy size that keeps the artist in the studio painting and out of the art supply store.

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