A World of different Paint Palettes

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All painters need a palette, and there are hundreds of sizes and styles in every price range.

Whether you’re an acrylic artist, watercolorist or oil painter, there’s a size and style that will keep you painting.

Sure, you can use a Styrofoam meat tray or an old acrylic cutting board, but most palettes are reasonably priced and some have nifty features that make them far more desirable than the packaging from last week’s pork chops.

We’ve assembled a variety of palettes that fit the bill for almost any artist. Check out the selection and make plans to add a new palette to your painting supplies.

Paint Palette Keeps Paints Fresh

Paint Palette Keeps Paints Fresh For Days With Airtight Lid by Sta-Wet Palette ASIN: B000C18GTE

This paint palette is a complete system to keep acrylic and watercolor paints moist and ready-to-use for days. It includes a sponge and permeable, reusable paper, so your paints have a continual source of moisture. When you need to take a break or stop for the day, simply moisten the sponge and paper and snap on the airtight lid. Whether you’re away for an hour or several days, your paint is ready when you are.

The impact resistant plastic tray and lid measures 8-1/2″ X 7″ X 1″, and the set includes a cellulose sponge and five reusable paper liners. The package also includes instructions for preparation and proper use.

Art Advantage Wood Palette

Art Advantage Wood Palette Value-Pack With Free Brushes and Knives by Art Advantage ASIN: B002JP1HBK

If you want to stick with the traditional accessories, a wooden French palette will make you feel like you’re painting in a garret on the Left Bank. This 12” x 16” hardwood oval palette is oil finished and comes with the traditional thumbhole.

This value-pack includes three brushes that are suitable for oil or acrylic and two plastic blending knives. At this price, you just might want to pick up several.

Art Advantage Acrylic Palette

Art Advantage 11” x 15” Clear Acrylic Palette ASIN: B0027AE8TK

If you want the traditional feel of a French palette, but prefer contemporary materials, the Art Advantage acrylic palette is a great blending of technology and tradition.

The surface is scratch resistant and non-staining, so you’ll use it for many years.

The clear color makes comparing colors simple, and the durable surface is quick and easy to cleanup.

Darice Paint Palette

Darice 13” x 10” 20-Well Palette ASIN: B004GXBXHG

This 10” x 13” rectangular palette is perfect for any medium. With 20 wells and serious mixing space, it’s perfect for the artist who uses a wide range of colors.

The paint wells include eight large square, four large circular and eight small circular indentations.

No matter how much paint you need, there’s space for it all.

Martin Mijello Professional Palette

Martin Mijello Professional Watercolor Palette ASIN: B001K39IQS

This palette is not cheap, but the manufacturer contends it’s a breakthrough in watercolor palette surfaces. Martin Mijello claims this surface maintains the look of paint in suspension and the paint and water solution does not bead up or separate as it does on other plastic surfaces.

This 14” x 6” x 1” folding tray includes a sponge to keep paint moist and has 33 paint wells, one large mixing area and three divided smaller mixing areas. For the watercolorist that likes to have all his paints at the ready, this is a large capacity tray that also keeps paint fresh for continued use.

Royal & Langnickel Disposable Palette

Royal & Langnickel Disposable Palette Paper Pad For Acrylic & Oil ASIN: B000XZTM74

If you’re the type of artist that doesn’t like messy cleanups, paints en plein air or attends classes, disposable palette paper may be just the answer to your prayers.

These 8-1/4” x 11-1/5″, 40-sheet pads are just the perfect size to throw in a backpack or satchel.

They are poly-coated so paint won’t leak through and are inexpensive enough to use all the time.

Jack Richeson Butcher Tray

Jack Richeson Butcher Tray 11” x 15” ASIN: B0028FPZPK

Anyone who has shopped in an old-fashioned butcher shop may remember the enamel white trays in which the meat was displayed. Well, frugal artists got the idea that the heavy duty, white finished tray would make an excellent palette.

You no longer need to bribe your butcher to have one of these great metal palettes. Jack Richeson now offers an 11” x 15” white porcelain coated tray that will last you a lifetime. These trays are perfect for watercolor, acrylics or oil paint.

So what are you waiting for? Get Painting! :)

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