80 Piece Studio Art Set by Nicole by Darice

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If there is a young aspiring artist in your life, this studio art set will get them started with everything they need to experiment with mediums of all kinds.

Portable and packed in a sturdy wooden case, this art set can go from home to class to the back yard for plein air painting, and keep a young artist organized and entertained for hours.

Packed With Everything A Young Artist Needs.

80 Piece Studio Art Set by Nicole by Darice

This 80 Piece Studio Art Set by Nicole (ASIN: B002NZJ4L6) includes supplies for watercolor painting, as well as pastels and colored pencils for drawing.

It also is equipped with a kneaded eraser, sharpener, brushes and lead pencils.

Watercolor cakes make painting easy and mess-free for young artists, while the pastels and colored pencils are great for travel and quiet time activity.

Give The Gift Of Creativity

Children are natural artists. Give them a gift that opens their world to color and creativity. Whether painting, drawing or sketching, children love to express themselves. A handful of colors and a blank piece of paper are far more interesting than a coloring book, waiting to be filled in. Let their imaginations grow as they learn to observe and record what they see, using materials that are just right for a young beginner.

A first experience with paint can be an eye-opening one, allowing a child to explore and develop skills that they will take with them as they develop artistic skills. Learning how pigment works with the paper, the differences between wet in wet and dry brush technique are all preliminary steps for a beginning art student.

Drawing is a natural activity children love. For the younger child, this helps in developing motor skills. Learning to put on paper the things they see around them teaches observational skills. The pride they feel with their completed works of art give them self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

Just add paper and a child’s imagination for a great gift that is sure to become a favorite. Then sit back and wait for some great masterpieces to come pouring in.

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